02/06/06 — City issued $86 million in permits

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City issued $86 million in permits

By Turner Walston
Published in News on February 6, 2006 1:54 PM

Construction in Goldsboro boomed in 2005, according to officials with the city Inspections Department.

City inspectors issued more than $86 million in permits for commercial and residential building, said Chief Building Inspector Ed Cianfarra.

"It's just getting busier and busier. You can tell that by the numbers," he said.

The city issued 208 commercial permits for projects valued at $41.5 million. One hundred and thirty-four residential permits were issued for homes with a total value of $19.5 million.

The number and value of Wayne County building permits issued during 2005 decreased slightly from the previous year but county officials said they considered it to be another good year for construction.

"The past couple years, building, especially residential, in the county has just been booming," said county Inspections Director Steven Stroud.

County inspectors issued 779 permits last year, for projects with a total value of about $65 million.

There were 96 commercial permits issued, valued at just over $5 million. There were 463 residential permits issued, valued at more than $55 million. The average cost of a new home was slightly more than $119,000.

The value of 220 addition and conversion permits issued was nearly $5 million, at an average of about $22,600 per project.

Stroud attributed the numbers to population growth and favorable interest rates, among other factors.

"After they found out the base was going to stay here, I think that kind of gave it a little push too," he said.

The drive from Wayne County to the Triangle is getting shorter, spurring development here, Stroud said.

"A lot of people, I think, are living in this area and commuting back and forth to the Raleigh-Durham area every morning," he said. "Once they get the new 70 bypass put in, I think that's going to give us a little boost too."

June through September were the busiest months in Wayne County, when more than 300 permits were issued. December was the slowest month, when builders applied for 42 permits.

The most expensive residential project was applied for by Bailey Suggs on an 8,284-square-foot home in the Walnut Pointe subdivision near LaGrange. Construction cost of the three-story home was estimated at $522,880.

Permits were filed for several homes valued at more than $200,000 in the Lane Tree Subdivision.

"The past couple years especially, residential building in the county has taken off," Stroud said. "I feel like mobile homes have slowed down a little bit, but the residential building is picking up. It seems to be picking up quite a bit now, and maybe it will keep on going."