03/13/06 — City official finishes government course

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City official finishes government course

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on March 13, 2006 1:50 PM

Goldsboro's Assistant City Manager Tasha Logan has added to her list of credentials -- and joined an elite group at the same time.

Ms. Logan recently completed a seven-month course in municipal administration at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and will receive her certification at the end of the month.

"It's been an enlightening experience," she said. "The key part (of the course) is seeing how the laws interact with your job and how services are interrelated."

The course, offered at UNC's School of Government, is designed to train city and county officials on a series of topics, including local government and law, organization and management, finance and budgeting, personnel law, planning regulations, ethics and how municipal and county governments work together.

To graduate from the course, a student must complete 140 hours in the classroom, outside reading and case study work. Mrs. Logan will graduate alongside 72 peers on March 30 and will become one of only 2,500 to have received certification since the course began in 1954.

Ms. Logan said the course will not only benefit her in the future, but will bring something extra to the city and its residents as well.

"You want somebody who understands the ins and outs of city management," she said. "That has been the benefit of this course."

It's also nice to have a perspective on how different city services are related, she added, and how to work as a team with agencies outside the city limits.

"The class really brings it all together," Ms. Logan said. "It teaches you how to work with your county and state agencies."

These skills will be important as new projects evolve, she added. Some, including Stoney Creek Park, the Paramount reconstruction effort and potential construction of a convention center, will involve the county and state, and will require effective communication among the three governments.

But completing the course is about something else, too, Mrs. Logan said.

"One of the key things this course helps you realize is your ability to be a good leader," she said.

And part of good leadership is setting an example for both your peers and future city staff, she added.

"To be a good administrator, you have to have a commitment to continuing your education," Ms. Logan said.