04/25/06 — Scouts honor Brashear as Distinguished Citizen for 2006

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Scouts honor Brashear as Distinguished Citizen for 2006

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on April 25, 2006 1:49 PM

Boy Scout supporters roasted Goldsboro accountant Harold Brashear on Monday night and honored him as the recipient of the Distinguished Citizen Award given by the Torhunta District of the Tuscarora Council.

The award is given annually to a longtime supporter of Scouting. The banquet, the district's largest fundraiser, raised $100,000 for scouting projects. It was held at the Goldsboro Country Club.

Brashear withstood the barbs tossed his way with his customary good nature. Friends described him as courteous to a fault.

Charlie Gaylor described Brashear as meticulous in his habits and dress and always the most polite member of the group.

He said Brashear is "a fitness nut, but he's a well-groomed fitness nut, and even his head band will match his shorts."

Tim Haithcock said Brashear is "the most perfectly mannered, perfectly behaved" man he knows.

"If you gave me $75 and sent me to a men's store I'd come out looking like I spent $75. If you gave Harold Brashear $75 and sent him to the same store, he'd come out looking like Esquire. That's just Harold," Haithcock said.

John Hine said Brashear did not believe in attending scouting events with a minimum of baggage.

"Instead of a sleeping bag, he'd bring a cot with a silk embroidered pillow case," said HIne. "He even brought a candelabra to sit beside the bed -- with scented candles."

But he added that he admires Brashear's judgment and integrity and that scouting and the entire Wayne County community benefits from Brashear's civic involvement.

When it came his turn, Brashear got in a few licks himself by noting that several of his roasters, including Hine and We Seegars, reportedly moonlight as Chippendale dancers. He said Haithcock said Haithcock is "a lawyer and fisherman. That's kind of a double negative."

Brashear then turned serious and thanked those in attendance for the honor. He said his involvement in scouting and other civic affairs could not be possible without the support of his wife, Jody. The couple, who have been married for 31 years, have a son, Lee, and a daughter, Christine.

Brashear was born in an Air Force hospital in Ankara, Turkey. His family moved to Goldsboro when he was in the 3rd grade. He graduated from Goldsboro High School in 1969 and played on the school's basketball team.

Each year, the Tuscarora Council's three districts each honor a supporter with the Distinguished Citizen Award. The Neusiok District award went to Hank Daniels and the Coharie District award went to Grover Ezzell.