05/24/06 — Fans make their 'Idol' predictions

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Fans make their 'Idol' predictions

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on May 24, 2006 1:51 PM

He's not the mayor, a local pastor or the captain of the high school football squad -- he doesn't even live in Goldsboro. Still, American Idol finalist Taylor Hicks is stirring things up around town.

Tonight, the gray-haired 29-year-old will find out whether he or other Idol hopeful Katharine McPhee will win the annual competition. But many women around the city say the results show is just a formality.

Shannon Davis said there is "no way" Hicks will lose -- it's all about the hair.

"Taylor's got to win," she said. "I never even liked gray hair on guys until I saw Taylor. It's so hot."

Mrs. Davis added Hicks' hairstyle complements his provocative dance moves, which he highlighted a few weeks ago.

"He shakes his hips like Elvis," she said.

Others called Hicks "original," and gave him the advantage over the "plain Katharine."

But it's not Hicks' originality that's scoring him points with Wayne County viewers - it's those silver locks. Even staff at City Hall are talking about it.

"It's more distinguished looking," Deputy City Clerk Melissa Brewer said.

City Clerk Michelle Daw said she hasn't missed an episode since the show began five seasons ago.

"I've watched every one," she said, adding Hicks is her pick to win tonight.

Joshua Friedman said he and his girlfriend are ordering pizza tonight -- like they do every week for the show. He also hopes Hicks will walk away the winner.

"There's never been an idol like Taylor," he said. "He's just an original. I doubt we'll see another one like him next year. It's got to happen."