05/28/06 — Central High alumni gather to reminisce

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Central High alumni gather to reminisce

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on May 28, 2006 2:05 AM

Within an hour after the conclusion of the Dillard/Goldsboro High School reunion parade, another celebration was just beginning roughly four miles north of Center Street.

Alumni, friends and area neighbors lined Force Road and Longleaf Avenue Saturday afternoon to mark another school's tradition -- Central High.

Deloris Darden said she saw many alumni groups drive by -- even one from a half-century ago.

"1950 is the oldest I've seen," she said.

Mrs. Darden came out to the parade to support her daughter, Davetta, 13, one of many Brogden Middle School cheerleaders performing for the crowd of hundreds. So it was no surprise what her favorite part of the event was.

"I just love the cheerleaders and the band," she said. "They are really doing a great job."

Right behind the cheerleaders, cars transporting alumni and friends filed down the street. Those inside waved, cheered and threw candy to the crowd.

Shelby Reeder and Cedric Dickerson were slow-rolling down Force Street representing Eastern Wayne High School's Class of 1975. They were here to remind people of the past, they said.

"We can't forget where our roots come from," Mrs. Reeder said. "We're here to make recognition in the community."

And they also came to give back, she said. After the parade, the groups plans involved cooking for the children -- hot dogs with all the fixings and shaved ice.

"We are going to be feeding the children in this community for free," Mrs. Reeder said.

Other 1975 alumni were at the front of the pack on a platform pulled by a tractor. As they rode by, a few shouted "The Class of '75 don't take no jive."

David Simmons and Linda Sutton were having fun carrying the banner just ahead. They were the first thing parade watchers saw coming -- and they danced to the beats provided by the marching band a few yards behind.

Monica Taylor said she and her daughter Julie, 6, were "just bystanders enjoying a great time."

"We just love parades," Mrs. Taylor said as her daughter picked up a peppermint thrown out of one of the cars. "(Julie) loves the dancers and drums."

As the parade made its way back to the Eastern Wayne Middle School campus, Mrs. Darden jumped in with the cheerleaders, clapping and dancing. It had been a great afternoon, but a long one, she said.

"I think I might just go home and put my feet up for awhile."