06/11/06 — Park plan takes new direction

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Park plan takes new direction

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on June 11, 2006 2:08 AM

Funding issues have led Stoney Creek Park Committee members in a new direction. Thursday, the committee will meet to continue discussions involving the possibility of changing the structure of the group.

Goldsboro Recreation and Parks Director Neil Bartlett said the idea is to request City Council members to establish the Stoney Creek Park Alliance -- making the committee more official.

"We are still in the final stages of organizing what we hope to call the Stoney Creek Park Alliance," he said. "But nothing is set in stone."

If the council approves the request, by-laws for the alliance must be adopted. Then, Bartlett said, the group will apply for membership with the Wayne County Charitable Partnership in hopes of attaining non-profit status.

As a non-profit, the group would then be able to collect tax-deductible donations for the estimated $2 million park project.

Thursday's meeting will cover only the by-laws and organization of the proposal to City Council, Bartlett said.

"The main thing is going to be reviewing, revising and putting together a set of by-laws," he said.

Lack of funding has been an issue for many special project committees this year, including those charged with reconstruction of the Paramount Theater and Recreation Center.

Stoney Creek Park is no different. The budget approved by the council at its meeting Monday did not include funding for any of the three.

But Bartlett said committee members hope their new idea will bring in some donations for a new park. Other funding sources are still out there, he added, including the possibility for some money coming in from the Clean Water Management Trust Fund Grant.

"Some money from the Clean Water Management Trust Fund Grant may be usable at the park," he said. "But the majority will go toward the stream restoration project."

Back in January, the committee held a public hearing at which members unveiled the final draft of the project's master plan. More than 50 residents attended the hearing and most were happy with the plan, which includes a five-acre pond, a disc-golf course and an informal stage area.