07/02/06 — About 600 Wayne students to attend summer classes at 2 middle schools

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About 600 Wayne students to attend summer classes at 2 middle schools

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on July 2, 2006 2:07 AM

About 600 Wayne County children will attend public summer school this year as the school system works to improve test scores in reading and math.

Wayne County Public Schools' "Focused Intervention" program will be offered at two schools in the county, running from July 11 through Aug. 10. Students in grades three through eight will either be assigned to Brogden or Goldsboro middle schools.

Dr. Ruby Bell, director of the middle grades for the school system, said the summer program is designed to provide intensive instruction in math and reading for students who did not pass end-of-grade tests in those subjects. Students eligible for focused intervention were told before school let out earlier this month, Dr. Bell said.

A reminder notice is being mailed out to parents this week, she said, along with bus transportation information.

Summer school classes run Monday through Thursday each week, from 8:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

Schools assigned to the Brogden location include Spring Creek elementary and middle schools, Grantham, Mount Olive Middle, Brogden Primary, Southern Academy, and Carver Elementary. Assigned to Goldsboro are Dillard Middle, Norwayne Middle, Greenwood Middle, Belfast Academy, Eastern Wayne elementary and middle schools, Rosewood elementary and middle schools, and North Drive, Meadow Lane, School Street, Carver Heights, Tommy's Road, Northeast and Northwest elementary schools.

With more than 400 expected at Goldsboro Middle and about 230 assigned to Brogden Middle, Dr. Bell said the ratio of teachers to students will be 1 to 15.

And while the sessions will cover a lot of material, she said the day will offer several breaks, including breakfast and lunch, provided by the school system, and "active pieces" like Brain Gym.

When the program conclude, students will retake the end-of-grade tests.

Dr. Bell said she is optimistic that the classes will be beneficial in shoring up skills and improving test scores.

"Last year we saw an increase over all the years that we have had (focused intervention)," she said. "It has been productive and we're hoping this year, because of the extended time, that it will yield greater results for us."

Directors at each location are assistant principals from the school system. John Twitty will be responsible for the Brogden Middle site, while Susie Shepherd will manage Goldsboro Middle.