07/13/06 — Greene voters turn down mixed drinks

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Greene voters turn down mixed drinks

By Andrew Bell
Published in News on July 13, 2006 1:45 PM

Greene County voters turned down a mixed-drink referendum Tuesday, with only one of the county's 10 voting precincts holding a majority for the measure.

It was the third time in five years that a mixed-drink vote has failed in Greene. The final tally was 751 against and 420 for.

The proposal had the backing of the county Economic Development Commission. Development officials said permitting mixed drinks would help stimulate economic development.

Snow Hill Precinct 1 was the only precinct to vote for the sale of mixed drinks and the vote there was close, with 122 voters casting yes ballots and 117 saying no.

Voters in Bullhead, Arba, Bear Garden, Castoria, Hookerton, Maury, Shine, Sugg and Walstonburg resoundingly disapproved. Absentee voters also disapproved of mixed drink sales by a 52-34 margin.

The special election's result is considered unofficial until next Tuesday's canvass, Greene County Board of Elections Director Jane Monroe said.