08/14/06 — OPINION ... Prepostorous!

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OPINION ... Prepostorous!

By Gene Price
Published in News on August 14, 2006 1:47 PM

Some of the most preposterous notions can come from -- of all places -- academia.

A group of professors, including one from our own East Carolina University, has come up with the idea that the Twin Towers were not destroyed by airliners hijacked by terrorists.

The destruction, they contend, was caused by our own government using "controlled demolitions orchestrated ... to facilitate its political agenda."

Millions of people across the world witnessed the tragedy. One airliner had struck one of the towers. As the television cameras focused on the scene, another aircraft was shown flying directly into the second tower.

Professor Daniel Orr of Princeton University apparently was far more perceptive than the millions of others who witnessed the disaster.

"I knew instantly that it had been blown apart by explosives," declares Professor Orr. His explanation: He had seen an old housing project destroyed in St. Louis.

Now that's what I call unimpeachable background!

Over at East Carolina University, Professor David Gabbard didn't claim to have such impressive credentials as having seen a housing project destroyed by dynamite.

And he admits that his background as a professor in the field of education doesn't give him scientific insights in demolitions.

"But," he adds, "I'm smart enough to know fire from airplanes can't melt steel."

The stupendous idea that explosives planted by someone working for our government to "facilitate its political agenda" suggests an incredible degree of conspiratorial timing.

It also might suggest that these professors have contacts and real information involving the most horrendous case of mass murder in human history. Perhaps these folks should be placed in protective custody until an international team of criminal interrogators can milk them of such important data.


For starters, I'd suggest Cherry Hospital.

The big question at the moment, however, is how and why do reputable institutions like East Carolina University and Princeton end up paying such creeps to "educate" their students?