10/15/06 — Cashwell appointed to Calypso Town Board

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Cashwell appointed to Calypso Town Board

By Matthew Whittle
Published in News on October 15, 2006 2:00 AM

Larry Cashwell wasn't elected into office by the residents of Calypso, but he did receive a unanimous vote by the board of commissioners Thursday night, and for them, that was good enough.

"We need all the help we can get," said Commissioner Tom Reaves who put Cashwell's name forward. "He's very interested in the future of the town of Calypso."

Cashwell was tapped to fill the seat vacated by Jason Stevens on Oct. 1.

"It certainly solves a lot of problems if somebody has to be out for any reason," said Commissioner Rubylene Lambert.

With the mayoral position open since January and Commissioner Richard Gerber, who's studying for a degree in agriculture, already working his schedule around Monday night classes for the next three months, it was a problem they had already run into once before since Stevens' resignation -- the reason they had to reschedule their Oct. 2 meeting for Thursday.

But now the board is back up to its full complement and though Cashwell has never held public office before, he is looking forward to pitching in and helping out.

"I had a number of citizens around Calypso, including some commissioners, ask me if I would serve on the board, and I said I would finish the term out for the seat that was just recently vacated by Jason," Cashwell said. "I don't know if I can do any good. I just feel I can be of some service.

"When you're trying to operate with a short staff it can be hard and my being a citizen of Calypso I just thought I'd try to help them.

"Hopefully the board can get together and do something positive for Calypso."

There is, however, still a mayoral position to fill -- but nobody's expecting that to happen any time soon.

"Some have said it's the board's responsibility to put a name up, but I feel like we first need to approach a person and ask if they'll accept the position," Lambert said.

And so far they've had no luck.

"Everybody I've asked has said no," she said.