10/19/06 — Seven Springs to choose board member Friday

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Seven Springs to choose board member Friday

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on October 19, 2006 1:46 PM

SEVEN SPRINGS -- The Seven Springs town board will hold a special called meeting at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Town Hall to appoint a town commissioner.

The board has been looking three months for more than one person to choose from to finish Commissioner Lib Quinn's term on the board.

Mrs. Quinn, whose term expires in 2007, resigned from the board in July for health reasons.

Seven Springs, which has a population of 85, is one of the municipalities in the state that appoints a replacement for the remainder of the unexpired term in office when somebody resigns from the board.

Historical Society President Bobby Mozingo is the only person who has come forward to notify Town Hall that he is interested in serving. He withdrew his name from the hat and then reconsidered his offer.

This morning he said he is willing to serve.

Town Commissioner Steve Potter told the board earlier this month that the town's Methodist minister, Terry Hobbs, told him she was willing to serve. But as of this morning, she had not notified Town Hall.

Town Commissioner Danny Carter called Town Hall Wednesday morning and requested the special meeting. He had visited Mozingo Monday asking him to reconsider his offer to serve. Mozingo agreed.

Mozingo's wife, Karen said Carter apologized Monday for letting the appointment drag on like it did. Mozingo had written the board a letter in July offering to finish Mrs. Quinn's term. The offer was tabled two times, and earlier this month, Mozingo withdrew his offer.

Carter said he wanted the board to have choices in who to appoint to Mrs. Quinn's seat. But he said although he wanted more choices, Mozingo was still his first choice.

"Bobby is the only person the board is considering as far as I know," Carter said.

Rev. Hobbs said Wednesday morning she had not been notified about the meeting. She said she still wants to serve.

"I love the community, and I love the people who make the community," she said. "If they feel I can help, I feel I should help."