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Public records

By News-Argus Staff
Published in News on November 12, 2006 2:00 AM


The Goldsboro Police Department responded to a shooting in the 1700 block of East Holly Street at about 9:15 p.m. Friday.

Demarcus Dawson, 31, was shot with a handgun in a parking lot on that block at approximately 8:45 p.m. He was taken by Lentte Young to the emergency room at Wayne Memorial Hospital. From there, he was taken to Pitt County Memorial Hospital and is listed in fair condition.

Marinda Lewis, 24, also reported that her son's bedroom window was damaged in the shooting. She lives at 1741 Apt. B, E. Holly St.

There are no suspects.

No further information was released by the Goldsboro Po-lice Department on Saturday.


Goldsboro police are investigating these reports:

*Floyd Andrews reported five instances of employee larceny at Belk on Friday. Gift cards in the amounts of $45, $122.25 and $35 had been activated but not paid for on Tuesday, while ones of $35 and $40 had been activated but not for paid for on Monday. They were used to purchase goods and services. There are no suspects at this time.

*The Goldsboro Housing Authority reported Friday that an unknown person had kicked open the back door to 130 Vanderbilt Circle, plugged the drains of the bathtub and sinks and turned the water on. It was left running for three days, creating $5,000 worth of damage to the ceiling and floors.

*More than $3,000 worth of equipment, including drills, grinders and saws were reported missing from Coastal Metal Service by Terry Brosi on Friday. The tools were reported to have been disappearing from the business for several days, but nobody has been seen taken them. They are available for anyone to use, so it is not known if an employee is responsible.

*A woman going by the name Aretha Ashely is suspected of using a stolen Social Security number at Time Warner Cable. Terry D. Winn found out his identity had been stolen when he went to the Time Warner Cable office on Friday. He stated he does not know the suspect and has never met her. No arrests have been made at this time.

*Ardella Brooks is wanted on felony charges of malicious throwing of acid or alkali substance and for common law robbery after allegedly pouring bleach on her boyfriend, Edward Dabney, and his bags after he refused to give her money for rent Friday afternoon. She also took several items out of his bags and left with her mother, Veronica Brooks, in a small white car, according to the report.

Wayne County sheriff deputies are investigating these reports:

*James Allen Hales, alias Big Al, is suspected in an assault with a deadly weapon. His girlfriend, Diana Lynn Henry reported that Hales had been drinking Friday, got aggressive, argued with her and threatened to leave with their 16-month-old child. He threw food from the kitchen at her and threatened her with a knife, according to the report. When she got on the phone to call 911, he threw the knife at her and left with his mother carrying the child, the report stated. A warrant has been secured for his arrest.

*Janice Jamison reported Friday that $6,500 worth of diamond and gold jewelry had been stolen from her residence at 438 Old Grantham Road. Items included a diamond engagement ring, a sunburst cluster diamond ring, a pair diamond earings and a white gold ring with precious stones. She found the items missing when she went to her jewlery box on Friday. She said that she knows the suspect, who may have had access to the jewelry box.

*More than $5,000 of construction equipment, including a mortor mixer and a 14-by-6-foot trailer was reported stolen from a construction site Friday by Jimmy Williams. He had left the equipment at the 1700 Silah Church Road site on Wednesday and when he returned it was gone. The property owner reported having no knowledge of the larceny. There are no suspects at this time.

*More than $5,000 in cash, food stamps and other items were reported stolen out of a car at 4357, U.S. 117 Alternate on Friday. Carlos Gonzales Roblero and Elia Gonzales Roblero reported the breaking and entering and larceny after coming back to their car after church 9:30 p.m. They had been gone for approximately an hour-and-a-half. The passenger-side window had been smashed and a purse stolen. The items were in the purse.

*Gleenwood Earl Stevens reported $10,000 worth of the tires and chrome wheels stolen Friday from in front of his residence at 216 Apt. H, Hereford Drive in Dudley. The items were taken sometime Thursday night and his white, 4-door Mitsubishi Gallant was left on blocks. There are no suspects in the larceny.

*Joaquin Rangel Ramirez reported Friday that more than $4,000 worth of jewlery, including 14, 14k gold rings and 10, 14k gold necklaces were stolen from his residence at 2157 Antioch Road, Pikeville. He had last secured the items at noon on Thursday. There are no suspects in the breaking and entering and larceny.

*Identification papers of four people were reported stolen Friday at 2161 Antioch Road, Pikeville. Maximo Jorge Lopez reported a stolen copy of his Social Security card and copies of his tax returns. Justina Trejo De Jorge reported stolen copies of her Social Security card and passport. Ana Maria Jorge Trego reported her high school diploma stolen, as well as copies of her passport and Social Security card. Elsa Monserrat Trego also reported her high school diploma stolen, as well as copies of her passport and Social Security card. The unknown suspects had pried open the back door in the breaking and entering and larceny case. Also reported at the same time, was a breaking and entering on 2141 Antioch Road, Pikeville. Nothing was taken, however, and no evidence was given linking the two.

*Kimberly Lynn Langley of 441 Stanley Chapel Church Road, Dudley, reported Thursday night that seven shots were fired into her home. She told deputies that she was in the bedroom with her child when she heard a car stop in front of the house and seven shots fired. Deputies found seven bullet holes in her exterior and interior walls. She said she knows the suspect, who had an earlier altercation with her boyfriend, and whom she suspects of seeking retaliation.

*A Dudley woman suspects she was raped Wednesday night after waking up with symptoms similar to those of rape. She had passed out alone in her home that night. She refused a rape kit, however, at the hospital.