12/26/06 — Shoppers hit Goldsboro stores to return gifts, find bargains

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Shoppers hit Goldsboro stores to return gifts, find bargains

By News-Argus Staff
Published in News on December 26, 2006 1:49 PM

Long before the sun rose over Goldsboro today, shoppers were already hitting stores that had opened early to catch their post-Christmas business.

Shoppers were trickling into JCPenney's at Berkeley Mall at first light. Some came to return gifts. Others were just out to find the best after-Christmas deals.

"I already got a good deal on a Christmas tree," Shauna Smith said.

Ms. Smith, 29, and friend Genia Darden, 34, said they are usually working on the day after Christmas and don't get a chance to shop. But after discovering they both had today off, Ms. Smith said they wanted to see what kind of buys they could find. And although she couldn't find the boots she wanted in the right size, Ms. Smith said that wouldn't stop her from making a full day out of shopping.

"We plan on shopping until we get hungry or we get sleepy again," she said. "We're going to go until we run out of energy."

Selena Worrell and her family were at JCPenney's. Mrs. Worrell said her family had decided to buy gift certificates for each other this year instead of exchanging presents.

"We didn't go out shopping much before Christmas. We decided to do it this way and look for the better deals," Mrs. Worrell said.

JCPenney store Manager Karen Witt said she was not sure what to expect from the day's shopping.

"The banks are open, but there are more people at work. That makes us wonder if the traffic will change tonight," she said.

Target opened its doors at 7 a.m. and Nita Van Noske of Goldsboro was ready.

Ms. Van Noske said shopping the day after Christmas is a tradition with her. She said she was shopping for her daughter and new son-in-law.

"They got married this year and I wanted to come out and pick up some items so that they can start their own Christmas tradition," she said. "I come out every year and it's worth it."

"I wasn't looking at anything in particular," Hilda Precythe of Faison said. "I like to be with the crowd. But you do pick up some good bargains on Christmas decorations."

Mike Fisher of Goldsboro said he was at the store for "returning and shopping." He admitted he was coaxed out by the after-Christmas offers.

Daryl Boyette of Morehead City was visiting his family for the holidays. He was one of the first to gather outside Kmart this morning and said he was returning a gift his mother received that was broken. After making the exchange, he said he planned to do some "real shopping."