01/10/07 — Noise will increase as SJAFB practices

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Noise will increase as SJAFB practices

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on January 10, 2007 1:56 PM

Members of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base's 4th Fighter Wing are hoping practice will make perfect and that community will put up with the noise that will accompany it.

Goldsboro and Wayne County residents can expect to hear more action coming from the base for the next few days, as the wing conducts another exercise in preparation for its Operational Readiness Inspection at the end of the month.

An aggressive flying schedule will continue through Friday, with the sound of F-15E Strike Eagles more prevalent in the skies over the city and county.

Wing Commander Col. Steve Kwast said the hope is that his airmen will seize this opportunity to sharpen their skills and that members of the communities surrounding the base will forgive the additional noise.

"In the near term, this exercise will aid us in preparing for an upcoming inspection during which we will be given a report card on our wartime readiness," he said. "Additionally, it will allow us another chance to ensure that when we are called to the front lines of the global war on terror, our airmen do not miss a beat."

Later this month, the men and women of the 4th will be tested on their deployment capabilities and war-fighting skills. Kwast said the missions completed this week will help strengthen their ability to complete these tasks efficiently during a real battle.

A similar exercise was conducted in mid-December. During that time, the sound of munitions and F-15E Strike Eagle afterburners caught some local residents off-guard.

Kwast extended words of thanks to those residents -- the men and women living in the communities surrounding the base -- for their patience and understanding during the last and latest exercise.

He hopes that in the long run, the extra noise and added inconvenience will help keep both the American public and members of the wing safe.

"This noise will help ensure the personnel from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base who are your family, friends, and neighbors are as safe as they can be when put in harm's way in the future," he said. "It is imperative in today's environment of executing the global war on terrorism that our units maintain constant readiness to provide airpower for America."