02/01/07 — Local twin girls share dollars with victims

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Local twin girls share dollars with victims

By Becky Barclay
Published in News on February 1, 2007 1:46 PM

Although it was just a passing mention from the "Weekly Reader" in her third-grade class, the message weighed so much on Madison Walton's mind that she had to take action.

Teacher Stefanie Adams was talking about items in the scholastic magazine with her class at Northwest Elementary School. One of the topics was the ongoing help for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Ms. Adams also told the class that she knew a local woman who was making trips down to Mississippi to help those affected by the hurricane.

The next day, 9-year-old Madison handed Ms. Adams an envelope with an undisclosed amount of money in it and asked her to give it to the woman who was going down to help.

Ms. Adams contacted Connie Atkinson, who said she would arrange to pick up the money the next time she went on one of her trips.

That trip began Sunday and will last for a week.

"I gave money to this lady who's going to Mississippi because Ms. Adams said that she was going to help people who needed money and other help," Madison said. "It was my own money. First I gave $3 then I gave $2 more."

Madison said that $2 probably wouldn't make a difference in her life, but it would be a big help for a hurricane victim.

She said she was glad she had the money to give.

"It makes me feel good to help," she said.

After Madison gave her money, her twin sister, Abbie, decided she wanted to help and gave $2 of her own money.

"I thought it might make someone feel good if I gave some, too," Abbie said. "It makes me feel really good that someone's going to be able to buy stuff that they haven't had in a long time."

Ms. Adams said the donations were a reflection of the girls' big hearts and wanting to help others more than themselves.

"It made me feel proud that they were willing to give just by what little bit was discussed in class," she said.

Mrs. Atkinson said it warms her heart to know that third-graders want to give money to help strangers. "$3 is $3 and will help someone," she said.

"This was money that they probably earned. It's wonderful and just makes you feel so good."

Mrs. Atkinson said she would take the money to one of the schools in Biloxi, Miss., and tell them the story behind it. She goes with a group of people from St. Luke United Methodist Church.