02/16/07 — Stuart files for chance to be mayor

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Stuart files for chance to be mayor

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on February 16, 2007 1:51 PM

A candidate has emerged for mayor of Goldsboro.

Local businessman and former U.S. Air Force security officer D.A. Stuart announced Wednesday his intention to run for the city's top seat, a position he sought in 2003 as a write-in.

"By Jan. 31, our mayor was still undecided," he said. "I knew four years ago I wanted to run."

His pursuit of the office, he added, came as a result of "watching the current officers waste money and make bad decisions."

Stuart opposes involuntary annexation, the idea of a revamped Stoney Creek Park and the proposition of constructing a civic center downtown -- stands he says go against the current ways of thinking at City Hall.

His positions:

* Involuntary annexation -- Stuart said he is "totally opposed" to this concept. He has followed one case in particular, Phase XI, which involves neighborhoods near Buck Swamp and Salem Church roads. "I'm really concerned for those people," he said. "(The City Council) is messing with 1,100 lives and that's just wrong." If elected, Stuart said he would fight to protect the rights of Wayne County residents who "don't want or need" city services.

* Stoney Creek Park -- Stuart claims that efforts to revamp the park is a result of hidden agendas within the council. Putting the estimated $2 million into an area "known for flooding" is a waste of funds that could go elsewhere, he said. "We have 10 other parks in this city that need some help," Stuart said. "That money could go toward bettering them."

* Civic center -- Stuart is "upset" that talks have moved away from constructing a civic center on city-owned land at the corner of Wayne Memorial Drive and New Hope Road and toward bringing the building downtown. "Wayne Memorial is the perfect place -- it has access to U.S. 70 and visitors won't have to drive through downtown Goldsboro and create congestion and traffic problems," he said. "Now these guys are talking about bringing it downtown. Give the people of this city an answer. We need to fish or cut bait."

* The historic district -- Stuart claims City Council members and Mayor Al King have been too lenient with property owners downtown, allowing some historic homes to fall apart as a result. Then, instead of granting time to those interesting in restoring them, they are quick to condemn and demolish, he added. "The houses downtown need to be saved," Stuart said. "Instead of just tearing them down, we need to realize that you've got something worth preserving."

For the city's residents to realize Goldsboro's "bright future," fresh leadership is needed at City Hall, he added.

"What happens when a ball-team is on a losing streak? You don't get rid of all the players. You fire the coach," Stuart said. "Still, I would like to see a whole new slate of officers elected. We need better insight into the future of Goldsboro."

The rest of his platform can be found at his campaign Web site, www.VoteForStuart.com. Stuart said he will gladly accept suggestions and concerns from the voting public there.

Stuart moved to Goldsboro in 1989 and started the Rent-A-Spouse.com Home Improvements company.

He has run for both Wayne County commissioner and District 3 city councilman, losing both elections in the primaries.

He has worked with the Pikeville Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff's Office and is a member of the American Legion, Post 11, the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce and the Wayne County Historic Association.