04/19/07 — Rebuilding StageStruck's space

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Rebuilding StageStruck's space

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on April 19, 2007 1:46 PM

The Paramount Theater wasn't the only building lost in a fire on Feb. 19, 2005 -- nor will it be the only one reconstructed along Center Street.

StageStruck officials said plans are being drawn for a down-sized version of the group's warehouse that was once behind Goldsboro's historic theater.

Pam Setzer remembers that morning.

"We lost 8,800 square feet in the fire, plus the contents," she said. "It was just a nightmare."

But with recent increases in construction costs, the $360,000 in insurance money the organization has in the bank combined with a "realistic" $250,000 fundraising goal will only be enough to build a 5,000-square-foot replacement.

"We're trying as best we can to rebuild a very basic shell of the warehouse," Mrs. Setzer said. "Primarily, what we want to do is duplicate the size of the Paramount stage in our building for rehearsals."

So the group donated 2,000 square feet of its property to David Weil's Paramount effort. Crews will use the additional space to construct dressing rooms in the rear of the theater.

"It is going to be a perfect rehearsal space," Mrs. Setzer said.

And it will be good to be home on Center Street again -- just a hallway walk to the Paramount.

"We're so thrilled to be able to build back on our same site," Mrs. Setzer said. "And we're thrilled that David Weil wants to work with us. He has been an amazing supporter."

Reconstruction efforts are currently in the design phase, she added, and StageStruck parent Bill Royall and others from Daniels and Daniels Construction Co. are expected to have results in a few months.

Once the drawings are completed, construction is expected only to last a short time.

"We're looking at five months," Mrs. Setzer said. "Ours is not going to take as long as the Paramount -- obviously."

And in the meantime, organization leaders are hoping members of the community will get involved -- donating their time and money to the cause.

"We want to bring into this effort all the families who have ever worked with or participated in StageStruck," Mrs. Setzer said.

Fundraisers are scheduled to begin in September. Anyone with an interest in assisting with or donating to the effort are asked to contact StageStruck at 736-4530.