05/18/07 — Public record

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Public record

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on May 18, 2007 1:52 PM


*Brian Foster of East Ash street told Goldsboro police somebody removed tools from his carport, including wrenches, sockets, extension cords, vice grips, screwdrivers and a nut driver, all valued at around $400.

*Reva Washington Artis of Peachtree Street told police she returned from the hospital to find somebody had pried open her front door and taken $900 worth of items, including an X-box, a laptop computer and a DVD player.

*Somebody reportedly broke into a house owned by Carolyn M. Botta of New Jersey just to do $1,000 worth of damage. She said the perpetrators damaged three screen windows, broke a window, damaged the door and lock and lattice work. She said somebody also took a blunt object and knocked holes in a wall.

*Thieves did $700 worth of damage to get at $300 worth of sound system and some tools owned by the Swop Shop, 510 S. George St. The owner told police the thieves broke into the store's 1984 Ford box truck, damaging the door and passenger window to get into the cab. He said an attempt was made to enter the storage compartment, but the only thing that resulted from that was more damage. Entry was not gained. The store's video camera recorded a white man walking around at 11:30 p.m. Thursday night.

*Somebody did $200 worth of damage breaking into School Street School, 415 S. Virginia St. and stole a hedge trimmer, leaf blower, a portable television set and a radio.

*Somebody did about $600 worth of damage trying to remove a CD player from a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage owned by Jason Francisco Brathwaite of South Oleander Avenue. A neighbor said she heard glass break around 1 a.m. and saw a black man inside her neighbor's vehicle. She scared him off before he could complete the job.

*The Wayne County Sheriff's Office investigated a report that somebody stole John Franklin Bartlett's credit card and ran up about $200 worth of charges. Bartlett, who lives on South Beston Road, LaGrange, said he discovered the charges Thursday morning.