06/03/07 — Chatman to seek re-election

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Chatman to seek re-election

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on June 3, 2007 2:01 AM

Goldsboro's District 3 Councilman Don Chatman has thrown his name into November's race -- and all it took was a little prodding from his family and friends inside City Hall.

With Mayor Al King and City Man-ager Joe Huff-man telling him "We need you," and his wife suggesting that he run, the former city plan-ning director said some words of encouragement from residents he currently represents sealed the deal.

"Every time people asked me what I was going to do, they told me I should stay in there," he said. "That gave me confidence. Somebody out there thinks I'm doing OK."

The Goldsboro native said he remains committed to ongoing efforts to rebuild the Paramount Theater and restore the original City Hall, but is also looking to the future of Stoney Creek Park, a revived downtown and Civic Center.

"The projects that are under way now, I want to see them continued and finished," he said. "But I think that once they are completed, you have got to stay focused on progress -- making sure that domino or snowball effect keeps happening."

But his decision was about more than buildings, budgets and a seat at council meetings, he added. Ultimately, it was about making his hometown a better place for future generations.

"I was born here -- never left here," Chatman said. "This is home. I guess I sort of feel like a protector from here in the council seat. It's hard to put into words."

Chatman is the third council member -- not including King -- to announce a bid for re-election. District 4 representative the Rev. Charles Williams and former Goldsboro Police Chief Jackie Warrick also have both confirmed their pursuit of another term in office.