06/05/07 — Houses on Goldsboro's list for demolition

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Houses on Goldsboro's list for demolition

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on June 5, 2007 1:47 PM

Goldsboro City Council members voted to condemn and demolish three dilapidated houses Monday at their first meeting of the month.

Chief Building Inspector Ed Cianfarra said the structures, located at 200 Slocumb St., 112 Kornegay St. and 508 Wilmington St., were not candidates for repair.

He characterized the home on Slocumb Street, owned by Valerie Baltimore, as being in "dilapidated shape."

"Paint's coming off, the windows are all broken out, the roof is rusting and there are vines growing in now," he said, adding that more than $2,500 was owed in back taxes on the property.

And then there is the house "rotting" on Kornegay Street, Cianfarra said.

Broken windows, leaks, deteriorating floors and ceilings were among the problems inspectors cited there, he said.

Owned by Paul Bridgers Jr., the home was originally inspected in February 2003 and Cianfarra said attempts to reach Bridgers regarding repairs failed time after time.

The last home, owned by Emmett Jackson and located on Wilmington Street, has been on record with the Inspections Department since 2005.

Cianfarra said the house had been "allowed to deteriorate for some time now."

Foundation problems, rotting wood, exposed electrical wiring and holes in the walls were among the violations of minimum housing found upon the last inspection.

It is estimated that dozens of homes in similar condition are currently under the watch of the city.

Council members have said they want to be a part of an ongoing effort to clean up the city and budgeted more than $60,000 for condemnation and demolition costs for the upcoming fiscal year.