06/21/07 — Goldsboro police officers recognized

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Goldsboro police officers recognized

By Lee Williams
Published in News on June 21, 2007 1:45 PM

Two Goldsboro police officers received an internationally recognized certification as a crime prevention specialist during a conference in Asheville in May.

Crime Prevention Officers Cpl. Teresa Cox and Cpl. Marissa Davis passed the International Crime Prevention Specialist exam given in Asheville at the North Carolina Crime Prevention Association training conference May 10, said Sgt. Dot Ardes of the Goldsboro Police Department.

The test consisted of 150 general knowledge questions and 50 specialized questions in the area of pro-active law enforcement. The test quizzed the officers' knowledge on everything from bike safety to how to help a victim of a break-in become more vigilant in the future.

The international certification signifies the officers have acquired the basic knowledge to earn the crime prevention specialist recognition.

"It acknowledges their level of training in crime prevention," Sgt. Ardes said.

Goldsboro police Chief Tim Bell and Sgt. Ardes lauded the officers on their accomplishment.

"Cpl. Cox and Cpl. Davis are to be commended for their efforts in professionalism and continuous pursuit of knowledge," Bell said.

Crime Prevention Officers are important, Sgt. Ardes said.

Crime Prevention Officers make children identification cards for parents in the event a child gets lost. They also show parents how to properly install child safety seats, just to name a few.

"They don't go out and arrest people, but they teach the citizens how to prevent from being a victim of crime," Sgt. Ardes said.