07/08/07 — Duplin paving plans released

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Duplin paving plans released

By Matthew Whittle
Published in News on July 8, 2007 2:00 AM

With approximately 27 miles of unpaved roads in Duplin County, state Department of Transportation officials are preparing for a busy paving season this year and next.

Presenting their list of projects for 2007-08, including several left over from 2006-07, to the Duplin County Board of Commisioners Monday morning, they explained that because of budget shortfalls several years ago, they're still playing catch-up.

"I didn't present a (paving) program last year because I wouldn't have been able to promise completion," DOT district engineer Karen Fussell said.

This year, however, they're confident the funding will be in place and the work will be completed.

"It is our intent to actually build these roads," DOT division engineer Alan Pope said.

Left over from 2006-07, at a total cost of $750,000, is the paving of 1.7 miles of Quinn Store Road, as well as typical section improvements on another nearly 60 miles of secondary roads.

Newly scheduled for 2007-08, at a cost of approximately $1.55 million, are the paving of 1 mile of Carter Best Road, the paving of 0.7 miles of Arthur Sloan Road, the widening of 6.5 miles of Tram Road, the widening of 3.3 miles of Johnson Church Road and 2.9 miles of Charity Road, as well as other regular repairs and improvements.