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Public record

By News-Argus Staff
Published in News on July 30, 2007 1:45 PM

Dog poisonings


Pet owners in the Grantham area need to keep a close eye on their animals, as there have been a number of dogs that have died, presumably by poisoning.

Wayne County Animal Control Director Justin Scally said that there have been five potential cases of poisonings occurring in the 600 block of Paul Hare Road, with the most recent case occurring Friday night.

"Four of the dogs died, but one of the dogs poisoned is still alive and is being treated by a veterinarian," Scally said.

Preliminary tests on the dogs by a local veterinarian indicate that the dogs may be ingesting antifreeze.

Scally said pet owners should keep close tabs on their animals.

"If you let them outside, you should be out there with them, even if it's on your own property," he said. "We don't want to put any animals at risk."

In addition, Scally asked that citizens contact the animal shelter at 731-1439 or call 911 if they have noticed anything or anyone unusual in that area.


*Someone threw a brick through the glass door at WHFL-TV on Industry Court and stole a 19-inch flat screen television valued at $600.

*Someone broke into the library at Goldsboro Intermediate School and stole two laptop computers, a printer, DVD and VCR and a multimedia projector, all valued at $5,104.

Mobile home fire

Dominique Cox smelled smoke and woke his family, getting his mother, niece and older sister out before fire destroyed their rented trailer early Friday morning.

"I smelled smoke, and it wasn't cigarette smoke," the 16-year-old said. "I put the covers over my head and ran out of my room."

Around 2 a.m., Dominique said, he woke his mother, Melody Williams, his 2-month-old niece Ta-Kiya and sister Ashlie Cox, 18.

Mrs. Williams, said the situation at 328 E. Wayne Road, Goldsboro, seemed surreal at first. "My first thought was that I thought it was a dream, because I never smelled smoke and I never heard the fire alarm," Mrs. Williams said.

Mrs. Williams' daughter Ashlie and granddaughter Ta-Kiya were sleeping in Mrs. Williams' bedroom with her, she said.

Greene County Fire Inspector Charles Carraway said partially-burned lawn waste stored in a plastic trash can seemed to be the cause.

Carraway estimated the damage was up to $10,000, and said the entire trailer interior would have to be renovated to make it livable.

Walls where the fire began also would have to be replaced, the fire inspector said.

Mrs. Williams estimated the total loss of family property at $20,000.

The family dog, Kita, was slightly injured but will be al right, Mrs. Williams said.