08/01/07 — Mount Olive candidate withdraws

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Mount Olive candidate withdraws

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on August 1, 2007 1:45 PM

Jerry C. Armstrong Jr. has decided to withdraw his name from the Mount Olive District 1 Commissioner's race, but his name will still be on the ballot come November.

Tuesday morning, Armstrong called the Wayne County Board of Elections to ask what he needed to do to withdraw his name from the ballot.

Armstrong said he came to the conclusion that that running would be counterproductive. He said that others in the race had the same plans he had for District 1, so he did not need to run in order to get the work done.

Wayne Elections Director Gary Sims told Armstrong that there was nothing the board could do.

"By law, his name can not be removed from the ballot," he said. "The only way someone can be removed from the ballot is if the person passes away," Sims said.

He told Armstrong that it was up to him to tell people not to vote for him.

"I told him the best way to (get the word out to not be elected) was to notify the media of his wishes," Sims said. "It's out of our hands. We are bound by the law."

The District 1 commissioner race will still have three people on the ballot, but only Kenneth Talton and Ora Truzy are still actively seeking the seat.