09/16/07 — Bull riding coming back to Wayne fair this year

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Bull riding coming back to Wayne fair this year

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on September 16, 2007 2:05 AM


News-Argus Staff Writer

Eight seconds -- that's how long the rider has to stay on top.

A mile a minute -- that's how fast the rider's heart rate is.

An hour and a half -- that's how long the show will last.

Right now -- that's how fast the bull wants the rider off.

It's Double Duce Bull Riding, and it's back at the fair this year for two nights -- Monday, Oct. 1, and Tuesday, Oct. 2.

After being gone from the fair since 2004, the show is back in action and ready to go -- or at least the bulls are.

"It will be the best time you've ever seen," said Don Stroud, bull riding coordinator and former bull owner. "Bull riding is the most dangerous sport on dirt."

Stroud owns the Double Duce Arena in Duplin County where, just a few years ago, he stopped having bull rides.

"We used to have one every Saturday night," he said.

Health issues got in the way, and Stroud had to sell the bulls.

But now, he said he is back in good health and ready to get the ball -- and the bulls -- rolling.

A few months ago, Stroud received a call from Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair Director Milton Ingram, asking him about his health.

Ingram was more than happy when Stroud told him he could get bull riding back to the fair.

"It's a very popular event," Ingram said. "They do a fantastic job. They are very professional. It is a great show to see."

Stroud said he hopes the bull riding will bring more people in to the fair earlier in the week.

"Usually Monday and Tuesday are slow nights, but we are hoping to change that," he said.

He added that the show will remain the same as it was before the hiatus.

"I'm getting the same guys to help me that helped me with it before," he said. "I want to make sure everything is done right."

Stroud said he wants to buck 15 bulls at the fair each night.

But, he said, he only has eight riders.

"Any bull rider -- and I'm talking bull rider, not just any macho man who thinks he can ride a bull -- can call me and come buck bulls at the fair," Stroud said.

Riders with experience are asked to call Stroud at 1-252-569-7551 if interested. There is no entry fee for bull riding.

The festivities will begin at 7 p.m. both nights in the grandstand.

Riders' scores will be added together from both nights' contests, and the winner will receive $500 prize money and a large trophy.