12/18/07 — Paramount Theater has new director

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Paramount Theater has new director

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on December 18, 2007 1:46 PM

The almost-completed Paramount Theater has a new director.

Sherry Archibald, former Downtown Goldsboro Develop-ment Corp. promotions coordinator and current Habitat for Humanity development director, will direct programs and manage the theater once construction is complete. She will earn $49,000 a year to start.

The work is expected to be finished in February.

"I love a challenge," Mrs. Archibald said. "I'm looking forward to figuring out what it is that the public is looking for and doing my best to meet their needs."

Surprised that she was the one picked for the job, she said her excitement was combined with some anxiousness.

"I'm a little nervous about it, too," she said. "But this is a very good opportunity that doesn't come along every day. I know it's going to take a lot to make everyone happy, but I wanted to go ahead and try."

As the Paramount director, she will be in charge of organizing and promoting professional touring shows, scheduling and negotiating theater rentals for community groups and securing sponsorships throughout the year.

Her duties will also include general office management and hiring, training and performance evaluation for assigned staff as well as supervision of volunteers. Facility budgeting and maintenance, ticketing and sales and general office management will also be part of the director's duties.

Assistant City Manager Tasha Logan said the pick was a tough one.

"We had some good applicants, some very strong finalists," Ms. Logan said. "Joe, myself and Mr. (David) Weil sat down and tried to think about what we would need to sustain the Paramount Theater, and when we looked at that, it made the decision a little easier."

They were looking for someone who had the ability to not only provide leadership for the theater, and not just manage the building, but also build support for the theater's future.

"We also wanted someone who would collaborate with existing performers in town and bring new talent in," Ms. Logan said. "We needed someone not just to bring in pageants, but bring in some more diversity in programming and meet some of the changing needs of the community."

City officials said Mrs. Archibald was the perfect person for the job.

Her seven-year stint with the DGDC and her work now as development director for Habitat for Humanity makes Mrs. Archibald more than qualified for the Paramount job, Ms. Logan said.

"I think she has proven her programming ability when she worked with us through the DGDC and her work with Habitat," she said. "She has done a great job getting the message out there for them and what they're about, and that's what we need for the Paramount."

It wasn't just her resume that got Mrs. Archibald the job, however.

"She has the desire. She has the drive. And she is enthusiastic with what she does," Ms. Logan said. "There are things that aren't learned abilities that she has. She is very genuine."

Mrs. Archibald said she plans to do the theater justice and to strive to make residents glad they invested in it.

"It's hard to please everybody, but that's what I'm hoping to do," she said. "I'm really excited about it. I'm looking forward to it. Customer service, working with the community, it's something I love to do."

Ms. Logan anticipates Mrs. Archibald's first day will be Jan. 7. Her office will be housed temporarily at the Waynesborough House until ownership of the theater is transferred to the city. After that, she will move to the Paramount.