01/09/08 — City will condemn damaged Days Inn

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City will condemn damaged Days Inn

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on January 9, 2008 2:27 PM

The Days Inn's days are numbered.

Goldsboro city officials say the structure that was ripped apart in an August 2007 storm has been an eyesore long enough.

Now, Chief Building Inspector Ed Cianfarra said he is taking the structure to the City Council for condemnation at its next meeting Jan. 17.

At the beginning of December, he said he would give hotel owners Daley Investments until Jan. 1 to make a decision on what they planned to do with the dilapidated hotel structure.

Cianfarra did not receive a response on the company's plans, he said.

This week, a letter will be sent out to the company explaining that the city must condemn the structure.

With that, Cianfarra is hoping that the owners will be propelled to call and inform him of their final decision.

Whether the company's president H. Mark Daley III decides to tear down the structure or rebuild won't matter to Cianfarra.

"I'm still going to have to condemn it," he said.

Condemnation will not only push Daley to make a decision but will also, in a way, help him, Cianfarra said.

If Daley's insurance company knows that the structure is to be condemned, Cianfarra hopes their decision-making process will also be quicker, which in turn, makes Daley's decision a little easier.

But, the building inspector said he has an idea of what the owners plan, as of now, to do.

"You notice they are stripping it," he has said, which makes him believe they will tear the structure down.

"Either way, they need to let me know, and then I can work with them," he added. "Just because I condemn the structure doesn't mean I am going to go tear it down the next day. They still have some options, but I need to know what is going on."

Lynn Stokke, Daley's secretary, said that there has been no headway on a decision as of Monday afternoon.