02/03/08 — Council to weigh architect contract

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Council to weigh architect contract

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on February 3, 2008 2:00 AM

Pearce, Brinkley, Cease & Lee of Raleigh might soon sign a contract with the city of Goldsboro for nearly a million dollars, if city council members approve the expenditure at their meeting Monday.

The council is expected to approve authorization for City Manager Joe Huffman to enter into a contract with the company in the amount of $825,000 for architectural services for the Community Recreation Center.

The firm's asking cost is 7.5 percent of the estimated construction costs, and the funds for the contract have already been appropriated in the city's budget.

And while the council considers money to put a building up, members also are likely to make a decision to tear another down.

Chief Building Inspector Ed Cianfarra will bring the Days Inn located on Wayne Memorial Drive to the council for condemnation.

But, Cianfarra has said, that doesn't mean he will tear the building down as soon as possible.

After a windstorm damaged the building in August, he said he worked with the owners of the property and gave them what he believed to be an adequate amount of time.

Now, he wants to push the owners' insurance company to make a decision on whether or not to rebuild completely.

His main goal, he said, is to remove the eyesore as soon as possible, and if need be, to demolish it.

Council is also expected to approve a subdivision plan for the old Borden Manufacturing Co. buildings on the corner of Royall Avenue and William Street, a step needed for the Borden Loft Condominium project to continue.

Planning Director Randy Guthrie said he believes the company asked for the subdivision plan to separate the historical parts of the building from the newer areas, helping buyers qualify for historic preservation tax credits.

Borden Lofts proposes to separate 12.9 acres into four lots to designate which areas will be renovated for residential use and which will be for common use such as parking lots and courtyards.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the request during its January meeting.

The council will discuss two conditional use permits. The first will allow the operation of a used car lot on property located on the west side of North William Street between Patetown Road and North U.S. Highway 117 Bypass. The second would allow the operation of an animal hospital on the east side of North U.S. Highway 117 Bypass between Hooks River Road and Patetown Road.

Council will likely approve four site and landscape plans for Randall Place, located on Randall Lane adjacent to Ashebrooke Apartments; for McDonald's on N.C. 111 South; for A.H. Investments for property located on the northwest corner of North George Street and West Grantham Street; and for Bobby Reavis for property located on the northwest corner of Ash Street and Daisy Street.

A site plan revision for Rick's Used Tires on the west side of South George Street between Pine Street and Spruce Street as well as one for Korschun Development for the south side of Central Heights Road between McLain Street and North Oak Forest Road will also be discussed by the council.

In other business, council members will set a public hearing for a contiguous annexation request made by Ivey Family Properties and discuss police budget amendments, an agreement for the sale of recyclable paper and plastic collected by the city, a Travel and Tourism Advisory Council appointment and a subdivision plat for Carwell Associates for property located on the west side of Lionel Street between Mulberry Street and Walnut Street.