02/17/08 — County 4-H clubs have new adviser

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County 4-H clubs have new adviser

By Becky Barclay
Published in News on February 17, 2008 2:02 AM

Wallace Simmons is the new 4-H agent for Wayne County. He took over the position Jan. 14.

He comes from Haywood County, and has 20 years of experience.

In his new job, he will oversee the 4-H youth development program including the traditional clubs and 4-H programs in the schools.

He said he is currently in the learning process about the programs and how they operate.

Although the traditional 4-H program is strong in Wayne County, Simmons said he would like to make it even stronger with new volunteer leaders and more clubs.

"I would like to organize and implement activities throughout the year and work more with the volunteer leaders in the clubs," he said. He wants to work with the individual club leaders to help them make their clubs better.

One of his duties along that line will be attending the annual volunteer leader's conference with Wayne County's club leaders.

And he will be in charge of deciding who is responsible for what components of the entire 4-H program here.

Another vision Simmons has is using the junior leadership more in a volunteer capacity. "It's good to have the older youths working with the younger youths," he said.

Simmons sees the 4-H program involving Wayne County's youths in various activities that will give them a lot of lifeskills. "The 4-H program reaches a lot of different needs," he said.

He will work closely with the local advisory system to determine the needs of youths in Wayne County and then try to meet those needs through 4-H.

He sees the 4-H program partnering with more businesses and groups such as the school system to help do good things for youths here in the community and teach them life skills so they can be more productive members of society when they are adults.

Simmons is a native of Kentucky. He and his wife, Mary, have three children, Tara, 13, Matthew, 10, and Wesley, 9, all of whom are involved in 4-H. They attend Oak Forest Road Church of Christ.

Mrs. Simmons is a 4-H club leader.

"I feel like the 4-H program makes a difference in the lives of our youths," Simmons said. He said working with the program is very gratifying for him.