02/24/08 — Pearsall seeks commissioner seat

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Pearsall seeks commissioner seat

By Matthew Whittle
Published in News on February 24, 2008 2:13 AM

Wanting to at least give voters an option of who to vote for, Frank Pearsall III has decided to run for the Republican nomination to the Wayne County Board of Commissioners District 3 seat.

"After much thought and consideration, I believe the citizens of Wayne County deserve to have a choice this fall," he said. "I am 34 years old and have lived in Wayne County my entire life.

"I know a lot about Wayne County and the people who live here. I have paid close attention to what goes on and I feel that I can relate to what the people of the county want."

Living in, he explained that his interest in politics began as senior at Eastern Wayne High School during the first Gulf War and the subsequent presidential election.

"It's been a growing interest ever since, and now I just feel that I can give something back to the community," he said.

Plus, Pearsall continued, since he's a full-time student at both Pitt and Wayne community colleges working on a degree in health care management technology, he feels he has the flexibility and the time to devote to the job.

Currently, he said, he's been reading the long-term Wayne County Comprehensive Plan.

And while he agrees with much of its direction, he believes it's important for somebody his age to play a role in implementing those future-looking strategies -- especially in terms of economic development, education and taxes.

"Taxes also are a concern, but there are so many things that the state mandates. So I've been concentrating on schools and jobs," he said. "I feel we need to concentrate more on job growth. I feel it's been more of a trickle than a flow.

"And I think a separate bond issue would be a good idea, because I know there are a lot of issues in the schools."

But, he continued, he also knows that there are a lot of other issues, like transportation, on the county commissioners' plates as well.

"I know there are a lot of other things in the county and that I have some things to learn, but I just feel like I can come in with some fresh ideas," he said. "We've had the same commissioners for a long time and I just feel like it's time for some new ideas and new voices."

And that, Pearsall emphasized, is the most important part of his campaign -- his belief that because of his younger age, he can help better represent a portion of the population he feels is currently not being heard.

"I am running to improve Wayne County and to give a voice to a younger generation," he said. "Our collective voice has long been ignored and dismissed because we lack age and experience in the political arena, but the fact is that the decisions made by the commissioners affect my generation the most.

"We will be around longer to pay for programs that have been instituted, and have had almost no say in the decisions made. I feel it is time for somebody in my age group to step up and give input based on new technologies and information gathered in the 21st century.

"There is no doubt that Wayne County has the people, the pride and the work ethic to be even better than we are today, and I want to be a part of helping develop the ideas and dreams of the people into realities and making Wayne County a place that people will continue to be proud to call home.

Also filed for the seat is incumbent Democrat John Bell.