03/24/08 — Re-paving schedule announced

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Re-paving schedule announced

By Matthew Whittle
Published in News on March 24, 2008 1:47 PM

As they do every year, state Department of Transportation officials have contracted for roads across the state to be re-paved and resurfaced this summer.

In Wayne County, $3.3 million is allocated for the effort, covering expenses for sections of U.S. 70 and U.S. 13, as well as 30 sections of secondary roads.

All total, 35.8 miles of pavement will receive work this summer.

The work, which will be done by Barnhill Contracting Co., could begin as early as March 31.

"It's pretty typical," said Tim Little, DOT's Division 4, District 3 engineer for Wayne and Johnston counties. "We get X number of dollars each year to do resurfacing, and typically that number is pretty constant."

He explained that the roads that are selected for maintenance each year are pulled from a five-year resurfacing list.

It is, however, a fluid list based on need and other factors.

"Each year we go and look at all the roads in the county and make a list," he said.

The road choices also are based on a 0 to 100 point rating system, and the scores of Wayne County's roads are all over the scale, with primary roads receiving higher priority than secondary roads.

Little also explained that they don't do whole roads all at once -- only portions.

"For example, we're not going to pave all of 70, county line to county line," Little said. "We don't have the money and not all of it needs it."

Beginning about the same time, DOT personnel also will be beginning its split seal program on roads throughout the county.

The work is expected to be wrapped up by Dec. 1.

The 13.52 miles of primary roads expected to be paved this year are:

*U.S. 13 north bound, just south N.C. 581 to U.S. 70 exit -- 0.62 miles.

*U.S. 13 south bound, railroad bridge to just south N.C. 581, including ramps -- 1.16 miles.

*U.S. 13, U.S. 117 to just south Woodland Church Road -- 0.59 miles.

*U.S. 13, just south Woodland Church Road to Gainey Drive -- 0.17 miles.

*U.S. 70 east bound, U.S. 117 Bypass to just west Spence Avenue bridge, including ramps -- 2.36 miles.

*U.S. 70 east bound, Sunburst Drive to U.S. 70 Bus., including ramps -- 2.17 miles.

*U.S. 70 east bound, U.S. 70 Bus. to just east N.C. 111 -- 0.76 miles.

*U.S. 70 west bound, Miller's Chapel Road to U.S. 70 Bus. -- 0.78 miles.

* U.S. 70 west bound, U.S. 70 Bus. to just west U.S. 13 bridge, including ramps -- 2.23 miles.

* U.S. 70 west bound, just west Cuyler Best Road to railroad bridge, including ramps -- 2.68 miles.

The 22.28 miles of secondary roads expected to be paved this year are:

* Grantham School Road, U.S. 13 south to bridge -- 1.45 miles.

* Indian Springs Road, Arrington Bridge Road to Sanderson Road -- 2.88 miles.

* Pecan Road, Genoa Road to Arrington Bridge Road -- 1.69 miles.

* Sleep Creek Road, Thunder Swamp Road to U.S. 117 Bypass -- 2.72 miles.

* Old Mount Olive Highway, Vision of Faith Road to Sleepy Creek Road -- 2.59 miles.

* Mark Edwards Road, New Hope Road to Parkstown Road -- 0.71 miles.

* Genoa Road, U.S. 13 to Pecan Road -- 1.29 miles.

* Stevens MIll Road, railroad crossing to Black Jack Church Road -- 3.23 miles.

* Royall Avenue, Berkeley Boulevard to Spence Avenue -- 0.85 miles.

* Fedlon Trail, railroad crossing to U.S. 117 Alt. -- 0.10 miles.

* Belfast Road, railroad crossing to U.S. 117 Alt. -- 0.13 miles.

* Stoney Hill Road, railroad crossing to U.S. 117 Alt. -- 0.22 miles.

* Robin Lake Drive, Genoa Road to end state maintenance -- 0.42 miles.

* Allison Drive, Robin Lake Drive to dead end -- 0.15 miles.

* Rosemary Court, Robin Lake Drive to dead end -- 0.05 miles.

* Pony Drive, Vail Road to dead end -- 0.47 miles.

* Pony Circle, Pony Drive to dead end -- 0.06 miles.

* Farmingdale Drive, Pony Drive to Vail Road -- 0.17 miles.

* Old Farm Road, Rosewood Road to dead end -- 0.29 miles.

* Souhfield Lane, Old Farm Road to dead end -- 0.05 miles.

* Valley Drive, Rosewood Road to Eagle Place -- 0.14 miles.

* Eagle Place, dead end to dead end -- 0.14 miles.

* Valleywood Drive, Eagle Place to end state maintenance -- 0.14 miles.

* Fisher Drive, Valleywood Drive to dead end -- 0.08 miles.

* Sasser Drive, Rosewood Road to dead end -- 0.42 miles.

* Benton Circle, Sasser Drive to end state maintenance -- 0.10 miles.

* Talton Street, Breazeale Avenue to Old Mount Olive Highway -- 0.42 miles.

* Summit Road, Ridgecrest Drive to Oak Forest Road -- 0.76 miles.