07/08/08 — Goldsboro City Council reviews Stoney Creek Park plans cost

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Goldsboro City Council reviews Stoney Creek Park plans cost

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on July 8, 2008 1:46 PM

The Goldsboro City Council quickly approved Cid Yow's request at its meeting Monday night to turn a former nightclub on Corporate Drive into a banquet hall, indoor/outdoor flea market and bingo hall.

But that wasn't the item that received the most discussion.

That was reserved for something the Stoney Creek Park Alliance members were concerned about -- the cost estimates submitted for the park by consultant group Kimbly-Horn of Raleigh.

The total cost for designing the park without the pond feature is $85,000, Parks and Recreation Director Sonya Shaw told the council, and the cost with the pond would be $118,000.

Some members didn't think the full design was necessary.

"I don't see why we need to design the pond when we don't have it in Phase 1, and we don't know what will be in the next phases," Councilman Bob Waller said.

He said he thinks Kimley-Horn should just figure out the best place for the pond, if the alliance decides to do it, but not fully design the pond feature.

Other council members weren't sure Kimley-Horn was the right firm for the job.

Councilman Chuck Allen said he sees that the firm will be providing construction drawings, "where you can go and build this thing when they're done."

"I don't see where we're at that point yet," Allen added.

With the small items that the alliance decided to pursue in Phase 1, like a dog park and walking trails, Allen said he didn't see the reason for a "top dollar" firm to be designing the park at this phase.

"These are easy items. You could just about hire a landscape architect or an engineer to do this and spend a lot less money on the design," he said. "I'm trying to help you get it done, but we need to get it done with other parks, too."

Councilman Jackie Warrick shared the same sentiment.

"Eight-five thousand dollars? The parks are falling apart, and we want $85,000?" Warrick asked.

Allen and Warrick questioned why Kimley-Horn was picked to design Phase 1.

Mrs. Shaw said the firm started with the project nearly four years ago, and knows the most about it.

The problem is, Allen replied, is that "the scope of the project has come down some," but, he added that he wasn't sure "their fee has come down."

"To me, I think you all need to go through the process a little more, and look at other prices," Allen said.

Other members were in agreement with Allen, saying that Mrs. Shaw should look into pricing other local companies to see if their costs would be lower.

"I can argue with the price," Waller said. "I think it's expensive, too."

"I mean everybody is looking for work now," Allen added. "You ought to be able to get someone who isn't as expensive.

"If you hire a smaller firm for less money, they don't require all the things Kimley-Horn requires or have all the overhead Kimley-Horn has."

Mrs. Shaw said she would look into other firms and come back to the council, but there isn't that much time to waste.

The alliance has to begin applying for the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) grant in October, so everything needs to be done by September.

She said she is wary that another firm won't have the time needed to design the park's first phase.

Meanwhile, the council did wholeheartedly support Yow's conditional use permit for the newly named 20,000-square-foot Goldsboro Community Multiplex, agreeing that it might be best use of the facility they've seen.

The building can seat 500 people and will include a 5,000-square-foot dance floor and a large stage. It also has all of the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) permits necessary to allow the sale of beer and wine.

However, Yow assured the council that his forte is "hospitality, not a club business."

The former nightclub had been known for its rowdy crowds and a 2004 homicide.

In other business, council members approved a name change and updates to Pedestrian Plaza; water main improvements on Arrington Bridge Road; a rezoning request made by Winston Smith to change property located on the east side of Corbett Road between Mull Smith Lane and Mark Edwards Road from one residential zone to another in order to allow two mobile home units; the closing of Tart Street; a site and landscape plan for an apartment complex on the south side of Chestnut Street at Kornegay Street terminus; a site and landscape plan for the paving of an existing graveled area to the rear of the Salvation Army Thrift Shop; a site and landscape plan for a children's day treatment program located on North Drive; a preliminary subdivision plan for property located off of Spence Avenue; a sign modification for Democko Chiropractic; and budget amendments.