10/03/08 — Thursday's winners at Wayne fair announced

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Thursday's winners at Wayne fair announced

By Bonnie Edwards
Published in News on October 3, 2008 1:46 PM

The following are Thursday's First Place Fair Winners:

Talent Contest

Grades 6-8, Caleb Sasser, Rosewood Middle; Grades 9-12, Jessica Henry, Eastern Wayne High

Instrumental Solo

Grades 6-8, Elondia Grant, Eastern Wayne Middle; Grades 9-12, Akeem Lipford, Goldsboro High

Dance Solo

Grades 6-8, Sarah Richards, Grantham Middle School; Grades 9-12, Bryan Lewis, Rosewood High

Novelty Act Solo

Grades 6-8, Holly Sutton, Norwayne Middle; Grades 9 -12, Kariana Taylor, Goldsboro High

Vocal Group

Grades 6-8, Tamiya Dortch, Nijiera Clark, Janeva McCullen, Dashona Owens, Mount Olive Middle School; Grades 9-12, Amber, Brittany, Michael, Adam and David Hollenberger, Hollenberger Academy

Instrumental Group

Grades 6-8, Hannah and Micah Lee, Lee Christian Academy

Grades 9-12, Alex Cunningham, Josh Rodriguez, Zach Witcher, Chris Evernham, Spring Creek High

Group Dance

Grades 6-8, Sir Tauria Hilliard and Asianya Hopkins, Goldsboro Intermediate; Grades 9 -12, Brandyn Espinoza, Marieke Parrish, Stormy Kelly, Samantha Crowley, Rosewood High

Novelty Act Group

Grades 6-8, Casy Scarboro and Breanna Brown, Norwayne Middle

Vocational Competition

Bricklaying, D'rahJae White, Goldsboro High

Open Horse Show

Junior Showmanship

Ages 6-13, Rachel Bolen of Clayton; Ages 14-19, Heather Johnson of Angier; Western Grand Champion Stallion, Anna Jones of Dudley; Western Grand Champion Mare, Ricky Allen of Dudley; Western Grand Champion Gelding, Taylor Worrell of Dudley; English Grand Champion, Natalia Devarona of Pikeville

Open Pony, Mule and Draft Horse


Champion Stallion Pony, Mark Massey of Goldsboro; Champion Mare Pony, Kaitlyn Lapointe of Rocky Mount; Champion Gelding Pony, Taylor Walker of Rocky Mount; Champion Mule, Kyle Lancaster of Goldsboro; Champion Jack/Jennie, Brandi Massey of Seven Springs; Champion Draft Horse, Debbie Stroud of Seven Springs

Tractor Operators

Junior Division, Murphey Stuckey of Seven Springs; Senior Division, Jackson Grantham of Southern Wayne High