10/05/08 — Driver at fair derby dies after collapsing

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Driver at fair derby dies after collapsing

By Matthew Whittle
Published in News on October 5, 2008 7:51 AM

Saturday's demolition derby ended in tragedy for one family when a driver collapsed after finishing his run, said Wayne Regional Fair Manager Milton Ingram.

Jackie Potter, of Goldsboro, died Saturday of an apparent heart attack, Ingram said.

"He was one of the drivers," he said. "He had already driven, and it's my understanding that he was just standing around talking to friends, watching the next heat when all of a sudden he grabbed his chest and collapsed.

"Rescue came right in and got him, but from what I understand he died on the way to the hospital."

Ingram added that he had been told that Potter had "complained of chest pains earlier this (Saturday) morning, but that he didn't want to go to the doctor, that he wanted to come here (to the derby)."

"This has really saddened us," Ingram continued. "It's one of those thing you have no idea it's going to happen."