10/30/08 — Ready to howl despite the economic strain

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Ready to howl despite the economic strain

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on October 30, 2008 1:46 PM


Two-year-old Jasmine Jackson walks hand-in-hand with her father, Curtis, as they do some last-minute Halloween shopping at Target Wednesday night.

Wallets might be lighter than they were last year at this time, but that won't stop ghosts and goblins from knocking on doors Friday night, looking for treats.

This year, those greeting the door with candy might see more children dressed as Batman than ever before, thanks to the movie released earlier this year.

At least that's what's selling out at Target in Goldsboro.

"Joker costumes are good, too," manager on duty R.J. Allen said, along with pirate and Star Wars themed attire.

Those same costumes are also popular for adults, with Wonder Woman being an especially sought after costume for women, he added.

But, with the economy at a weakened level, Allen admits that they haven't gotten as many costumes in as they had in previous years.

"Sales are down. ... It's the economy," he said.

As for candy, "It's not really flying off the shelves right now," Allen said Tuesday, but they will likely see an increase in sweets sales today and Friday.

People procrastinate every year, he said.

"I've been here for about nine years, and people wait until Wednesday or after to buy their candy and costumes. Then, everyone starts to panic," he said.

People will still celebrate holidays with costumes and candy, even if they don't have much money, because it's a fun time, he said.

But other items, like home decor for the scary holiday, are where people make their cuts.

"We didn't sell as much home decor as we normally do because people don't have to have it," Allen said.

Down the street at Kmart, character costumes are this year's favorites.

Assistant Manager Bernice Gorum said that kids love Spiderman and Hannah Montana costumes.

Adult picks, though, are scary costumes, like vampires.

She said that sales have been about the same as last year, even with the popular fun-size chocolate candy bars the store sells.

But, she expects to see a rush through Friday, too.

"Everybody waits until the last week to buy their costumes and candy, so we're still in the process of selling them," she said.

At Wal-Mart, the costume choices that are most popular have been a little more light-hearted.

"Disney is big for kids this year," Co-Manager Brian Radford said.

Still, sales are at about the same level as last Halloween, he said.