12/24/08 — Getting ready for Santa? Here's what to leave the jolly ole elf

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Getting ready for Santa? Here's what to leave the jolly ole elf

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on December 24, 2008 1:46 PM

All the presents have been wrapped and the turkey is thawing in preparation for Christmas dinner.

But tonight, before the kids are tucked in bed, it's time for the big decision -- what to set out for Santa for his snack?

As the jolly old elf makes his appointed rounds, it's important to greet him properly, even while most children are nestled in their beds.

Children at Christmas Camp at the Family Y -- being held while school is out this week and next -- were asked to share their suggestions of what to serve Santa Claus.

"I leave out milk and chocolate chip cookies," said Savannah Shoemake, 8. "I leave out candy canes for him, too."

Kianna Haywood, 7, suggested "sugar cookies and milk, and carrots for the reindeer."

"I have left some milk and cookies and sometimes I leave a Coke," said Sam Andrews, 8.

Cookies and milk were also mentioned by Jade Jordan, 9, and maybe grapes.

"Me and my brother leave things out," she said.

Morgan Marquis, 8, also favored cookies and milk, pointing out that they are usually gone when she checks the next morning.

"My family, we leave out a card, things we write for Santa," said Kenny Chandler, 11. "My mom used to get some carrots and leave them outside for reindeer."

His twin brother Wesley Chandler shared the same memory.

"Sometimes I will leave out a note or something like that," he added. "The note is usually gone (the next day). Sometimes the cookies are eaten."

Austin Jenkins, 6, also believes in cookies for Santa. But don't forget his traveling companions.

"Reindeer food," he said, which he explained consists of oatmeal and glitter.

Komari Jones, 6, prefers to get down to business.

"My Christmas list," he said. "I only put my Christmas list in the chimney."

Several options were mentioned by Anthony Wooten, 9.

"Maybe some candy or something, some presents for him," he said, thinking hard. "Maybe stuff I don't want, extra stockings, basically things I don't use."

The Christmas Camp staff also weighed in.

"When I was little, we left out milk and cookies. We don't leave anything out now because I'm older," said Kristina Phillips, 18, adding, "He needs to lose some weight anyway."

Gary Moore, 20, stuck with the tried and true.

"The traditional sugar cookies and milk," he said. "From all the books I have read and the shows I have seen, that's what you're supposed to leave out. Maybe try something Atkins-friendly 'cause he's getting a little hefty."

Perhaps Santa, like many of us, will invest in an exercise program after the holidays, as part of his New Year's resolution.