01/24/09 — Duplin Historical Society to honor WWII heroes with memorial

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Duplin Historical Society to honor WWII heroes with memorial

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on January 24, 2009 11:46 PM

KENANSVILLE -- The man who spearheaded -- and executed -- an effort to honor Duplin County's Vietnam War dead has a new mission.

Duplin Historical Society president Charles Ingram said the organization is planning to hold a memorial service much like the one held in Duplin Commons Nov. 1, 2008 -- only this time, heroes from World War II will be honored.

But unlike the Vietnam ceremony, this one will pay tribute not only those men killed in combat, but also those who died while in service.

The ceremony is currently scheduled for Nov. 7.

In the meantime, Ingram is asking the public to assist in ensuring that everyone eligible is identified.

The Historical Society would like to know each man's home town, rank and branch of service, dates of birth and death, and names of parents, siblings, wives, children and other family members.

Official biographies, reminiscences of friends and personal stories about those killed are also being sought -- as are photographs, civilian and military.

Ingram hopes to be able to present a granite monument containing the names of each man to be installed on the Court House grounds at the November ceremony, as a permanent memorial to these Duplin sons lost.

Those who wish to donate to the cause or add to the following list of names should contact Ingram at 910-296-1111, or via the Duplin County Historical Society at P. O. Box 775, Kenansville.

Here are those men currently set to be honored:

* J. D. Albertson

* John Thomas Avent

* William Arthur Barwick

* Jessie Basden

* Jack N. Binch

* Kenneth A. Blanton

* Fred K. Blaylock

* Maceo Blount

* Chauncey E. Boney

* Luke W. Boney, Jr.

* Doward Bostic

* Larry Thomas Bostic

* Samuel R. Bowden, Jr.

* Sam S. Brinson

* Ben C. Brock

* James M. Brown, Jr.

* Elton C. Bryan

* John George Bryan

* Robert W. Buck

* Talmadge A. Bunch

* Dorch E. Carlton

* Joseph C. Carr

* Graham B. Cavenaugh

* Elmer W. Dail

* William A. Davis

* Norwood H. Dobson

* Clifton F. Edgerton

* Alton R. English

* James E. Faison

* Vernie O. Fountain

* Edwin S. Fulgo

* William Glasgo

* James L. Grady

* Voil Hill

* John Hollingsworth

* Francis L. Hunt

* Arnold Jackson

* Richard F. Jordan

* Ned C. Kenion

* William Samuel Kornegay

* Lawson C. Matthews

* Herman Thurman McCalop

* Don L. Mercer

* Grover L. Miller

* Edward D. Murphy, Jr.

* John W. Murphy

* Charlie T. Parker

* Raymond P. Partin

* Charles L. Pierce

* Ned Potter

* James E. Ransom

* Wade H. Rodgers

* William H. Rogers

* Ottis L. Savage

* Roy S. Savage

* John W. Shaffer

* Arthur J. Sheppard

* James D. Simmons

* Corris H. Smith

* Theodore Dunn Souther-land

* Maleon D. Stanford

* Oscar L. Stuart

* Pender Surcy

* William L. Swinson

* Burtis J. Taylor

* Jeff C. Taylor

* Ira B. Teachey, Jr.

* Leroy J. Teachey, Jr.

* Philip Teachey

* Mike G. Thomas

* Clifton Turner

* Hubert J. Turner

* Osborne C. Turner

* Marvin Whaley

* Cecil Hertford Wiggs

* Willis S. Wilson

* Joseph B. Yarboro