03/29/09 — Daffodil Festival defies rain

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Daffodil Festival defies rain

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on March 29, 2009 2:00 AM

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3-year-old Trey Lamm pretends to drive a tractor during the 23rd annual Fremont Daffodil Festival Saturday.

FREMONT -- Between 700 and 800 people came out to the Fremont Daffodil Festival Saturday.

And many of them had either an ice cream cone or shaved ice in their hands as they tried to cool down in the 70-degree weather.

"The weather held off for us," Fremont Mayor Devone Jones said. "It's a beautiful day."

From "The Embers" serenading the crowd to the rows of homemade goodies, crafts and jewelry and the children's alley full of games, there was something for everyone.

For some, the festival is a tradition -- one they come to every year.

Crystal Hinson, 28, has been attending the festival for as long as she can remember.

"My mom used to bring me here every year," she said.

And she remembers always getting a funnel cake to eat.

This year was no different.

As she was holding two funnel cakes -- one for herself -- she said that getting funnel cakes is a "tradition."

"It's a necessity," she said about the deep-fried treat.

Lori Wilson, 27, said she has also been coming to the festival for a "long time."

"We came to see The Embers," she said.

Her husband normally comes to volunteer with the Fremont Rescue stand.

And this year, she brought their 17-month-old daughter Kaitlyn.

The festivities were too much for her so she sat quietly in her stroller, taking a nap.

Teenager Jerrica Hinson and her friends, Rebecca Goff and Katie Ballance, say they have been coming to the festival "every year (since) they've been born," Miss Hinson said.

She also volunteers with the Fremont Rescue and helps the group "sometimes" at the festival.

The three girls said they have always enjoyed the music and food of the festival, and they love to see all of their friends.

Some of those in attendance this year where at the festival for a new experience.

Barbara Murrain brought her grandchildren with her to enjoy the festivities.

"It's my first time coming," she said.

Deanna Best, 9, and her sisters, Victoria, 12, and Diedre, 14, said they had a good time at the festival.

"I like being with family and friends," Deanna said.

"I like everyone coming together," Victoria said.

Diedre said she enjoyed being with her family, too, but she enjoyed the "shopping."

Janee Smith, 12, said she was "mostly there for the food."

So was 12-year-old Emani Powell, as the group of girls pulled pieces of a funnel cake.

Mil and Barb Lydecker said it's the first year they have come to the festival.

The couple used to live in New York but moved to Pikeville two years ago.

"I loved it," Barb said. "The people are so friendly here."

Mil loved the "small town atmosphere," as he was finishing the last of his popcorn.

"This is just great," he said.

"And I love the big daffodils (by the train tracks)," Barb said.