03/29/09 — Good Samaritan sees wreck, works to save injured man's life

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Good Samaritan sees wreck, works to save injured man's life

By Nick Hiltunen
Published in News on March 29, 2009 2:00 AM

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Kim Anys

A Hooks River Road man is in stable condition after a Wednesday accident, thanks in part to the efforts of a nurse who crawled into the man's car to perform CPR, authorities and hospital officials said.

Home health care nurse Kim Anys crawled into the vehicle James "Jim" Alfred Brock, 87, was driving after it careened into a ditch off of Hooks River Road, according to an accident report.

Mrs. Anys said she was driving west on Hooks River Road, headed toward Salem Church Road, when a passing train stopped traffic just after 11 a.m. on Wednesday.

In front of her, she said, sat a red truck and a Buick driven by Brock.

When the train allowed traffic to begin moving again, the Buick simply drove straight into a ditch, Mrs. Anys said.

"The white car looked like it was going to pull off to the side of the road, then just went in the ditch," she said.

Mrs. Anys said both she and an unidentified man driving the red truck jumped from their vehicles to try helping the imperiled vehicle.

The Buick's tires were spinning, Mrs. Anys said.

"The doors were locked, and you could tell that he (Brock) was passed out, and the lady (Brock's wife) looked dazed," Mrs. Anys said.

Mrs. Anys and the man managed to open one door, but could only get it open about eight inches.

The home health care nurse, who has a thin frame, said she was able to wriggle into the vehicle to begin cardio-pulmonary resuscitation on the man. She had to perform the procedure with him sitting in the driver's seat, she said.

"The only way I had to do it was to lay his seat back and start performing CPR there," Mrs. Anys said.

She explained she did not think twice about helping the elderly couple -- that her body took over.

"I didn't think about it. It was just action. I've never done that before. That was the first time I've done CPR on a person. We do them on mannequins to learn, but that was the first time I actually had to do it on a person.

"It was a blur. It all just happend so quick. You've just do what you've got to do," Mrs. Anys said.

Goldsboro police investigating the incident documented $1,000 in damages to the vehicle. Brock's wife Jessie Mae Brock, suffered minor injury.