04/12/09 — Mayor: Cut council salaries

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Mayor: Cut council salaries

By Catharin Shepard
Published in News on April 12, 2009 2:00 AM

Faced with a potential budget shortfall this year of more than $2 million and the possibility of cuts next year, Goldsboro Mayor Al King says he will propose that the City Council -- and himself -- cut their salaries by 10 percent.

The amount wouldn't be enough to ease the economic constraints on the city -- the position of mayor pays approximately $12,000 a year, and the council members earn about $9,000 a year for their role in city government, King said -- but the proposed pay reduction is more of a gesture to city employees and the community at large.

"We're not talking about big bucks; it would be more symbolic than anything," King said.

In this case, it's the thought that counts, he said.

"These are very critical times we're in right now, so we're going to have to do some unusual things," he said. "It would show our support for employees."

The mayor, the City Council members and other city employees have not received a raise since King took office.

"And we won't recieve one this year, either," he added.

Although he does not want to put people on the spot with the salary reduction, King said he does plan to talk to City Council members about the possibility of cutting their own pay.

"I will discuss that with them to see what they think," King said.

He expects that reaction to the proposal will be mixed, but believes that at least some of them will support the idea.

"Council members are not in this business for the money," King said. "I hope it would let the public know that their City Council is not here for the money."