04/20/09 — Family gets surprise of new triplets

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Family gets surprise of new triplets

By Anessa Myers
Published in News on April 20, 2009 1:46 PM

Comanda Robinson wasn't expecting her 2-year-old son, A.J.

She had been on birth control for "four or five years" before she found out she was pregnant.

A.J. was her third child. Her two other boys are Aaron, 9, and Austin, 10.

She had always wanted a girl, but decided that she and her husband, Alphonso, had their "complete family."

"I was done," she said.

So she decided to have her tubes tied after A.J.'s birth, just to make sure she didn't have any more surprises.

She even gave away all of her baby items.

Little did she know that A.J. would be the third of six children.

Seven months ago, Mrs. Robinson found out that she was pregnant with triplets -- two girls and one boy.

"I was devastated," she said. "I was in denial for a while. I didn't believe it."

Her husband is a mechanic in Fremont, and Mrs. Robinson used to work as a secretary in Wilson.

But with three children and three on the way, she can't work.

Her doctors actually gave her orders two weeks ago to stay on bed rest.

She believes that her current pregnancy "had to have been heaven sent."

And although it was a surprise and she isn't quite sure how the family will financially survive, she believes she is blessed.

"God blessed me with them -- surely he'll provide for them," she said.

But the family needs some help from the community.

They have to start over with baby supplies "times three."

She and her husband have only lived in the state for about two years, so she doesn't have many friends to help.

The couple's families live in Texas and Arkansas, so they are too far away to help, she said.

"It's overwhelming," Mrs. Robinson said. "My world has been turned upside down."

She says she doesn't know how the family will pay for everything that the new babies need.

The family currently lives in a two-bedroom house, and that is not enough room for the five people in it, she said -- let alone the three new children on the way.

"We need to buy a bigger house," she said.

And her car, a sedan that is paid for, won't fit all of the children once the three new ones come into the picture.

So to be able to transport the entire family, the family would have to buy a new, bigger vehicle.

She just doesn't know where the money will come from.

"It's hard. It seems almost impossible," she said.

Jennifer Moye heard about Mrs. Robinson's hardship through an e-mail from her Bible study group at First Presbyterian Church.

A mom of 5-year-old twin boys and a 2-year-old girl, she understood a little of what the family would need but thought the Robinsons needed more help than the church group could provide.

Some civic organizations around the area have been donating items, but the family needs much more help.

If you would like to donate diapers, baby clothing, toys, food, money or even a large vehicle to the family, call Mrs. Moye at 705-2334 or Andrea Costen at 648-9808.