09/02/09 — Salvage yard rezoning request faces opposition

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Salvage yard rezoning request faces opposition

By Steve Herring
Published in News on September 2, 2009 1:46 PM

Three neighbors of a Dudley salvage yard pleaded with county commissioners Tuesday morning to deny a rezoning request that would allow the business to expand.

Commissioners took no action following a public hearing on the request by Ricky Young of Young's Auto Salvage and did not indicate when they would revisit the issue.

Young has petitioned the county to rezone nearly 12 acres he owns, from Residential Agriculture 20 to Heavy Industry, to allow him to expand his business that is located on U.S. 117 Alt. South across from the Dudley Post Office.

The Planning Board recommended approval.

Ray Best Jr., whose property abuts the area Young wants rezoned, said Young's property currently forms a buffer between the two tracts of land.

Best worried that the expansion would hurt his property values and would result in an increase in noise. He said he was concerned that the expansion would interfere with his ability to rent a house he owns near the site.

Furthermore, Best said he owns other property near the site where he is considering plans to build a small strip shopping center. Expanding the salvage yard could stop those plans, he said,

Johnny and Jeanette Perry, who live near the site, also opposed the rezoning.

Mrs. Perry said that Young would tell people he would "do great things," only not to follow through.

"We have lost (property) value," she said. "People come onto our property thinking that it is his."

She also alleged, providing specifics, that Young was not in compliance with county ordinances.

"Before you grant him anything else bring him into compliance," she said. "The board has allowed him to completely circle our property."

Her husband said their property also had to contend with runoff from the salvage yard.

"It is out of control," Perry said.

Perry added that Young has plenty of space on the back side of the property to expand.

Young told commissioners that his business was one of the "heaviest regulated" industries in the state.

"I am in compliance with every known law that I know of," he said. "I am proud of our yard, very proud of how clean it is. I have told the county on many occasions I not only welcome to come out to inspect us at any time I encourage it.

"The Perrys, I never hear much out of them until I have these requests to expand."

Young said that at his business meeting he tells employees he wants his neighbors treated well and looked after.

He expressed shock at Best's comments.

"All of my stuff is inside a fenced-in area," Young said. "I don't go on anybody else's property. He has stuff out there lined up. He has more salvage on his side that I do."

Young added that he was trying to grow despite a sour economy, and in doing so hopefully add some new jobs.

Mrs. Perry responded that she and her husband had never objected to Young's operation "but the way we are treated. We can walk from our property to his and people come from his property to ours."

The operation is behind a fence, she said. However, the crushed vehicles are stacked so high as to be above the top of the fence, she said.

"Mr. Young said everybody could go out and look and I think that would be a good idea," Best added.

Best said that the post office is across the street from the salvage yard, and that when people are leaving it, the yard will be in their line of sight. People will be able to hear the noise as well, he said.

In other business, commissioners approved a fuel and hangar rate structure for the Goldsboro-Wayne Airport.

The county last month assumed operations of the airport after former fixed based operator SIG Aviation opted out of its contract with the county. SIG officials cited economic reasons for the decision.

Hangar rent will range from $75 to $500 per month, while ramp parking spots will rent for $30 per month.

Commissioners also adopted two resolutions -- one proclaiming Sept. as Sickle Cell Awareness Month and the other proclaiming Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.