11/02/09 — Health Department gives out Golden A awards

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Health Department gives out Golden A awards

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on November 2, 2009 1:46 PM

There are fewer Golden A awards being handed out by the Health Department this year, but only because the method for inspecting food establishments has changed.

The annual recognition, for restaurants and food stands, faced several since last year, said Shane Smith, food and lodging supervisor with Environmental Health.

"Before, all facilities that kept (a grade of) 95 or higher for the whole year, without the two-point bonus," he explained. Now, recognition is given to the top 10 in each category, he said.

These days, he said, facilities are divided into different frequencies of inspections based upon how many potentially hazardous foods are sent through the cooking process. For instance, if they cook, cool and save more than three items, they are in a category 4.

Inspections pertain to restaurants, food stands, institutional facilities and school lunchrooms. But even gas stations that prepare hot dogs now fall under the inspection schedule, typically twice a year, Smith said.

"Anything from a gas station to a skating rink," he said. "Even if they do not handle more than two foods, and only cook, heat and serve them."

The bottom line is to ensure businesses preparing food do so in the safest way possible, with an eye toward preventing foodborne illness.

Inspectors adhere to the Center for Disease Control's five risk factors, Smith said, which include good hygienic practices and employee health, how food is stored and handled, making sure food is from an approved source and is cooked, prepared and stored in a way as to prevent contamination.

To quality for the Golden A, the baseline inspection score is 95. Because of the change to how the awards are handed out, competition has gotten a little tougher, Smith said.

"It puts it at a higher standard than just a 95," he said. "You have got to have the top 10 percent in the category. In every category, there's a top notch one with the highest average."

The more stringent approach has caused businesses to pay closer attention to detail, Smith said.

"I think the workers have also changed. They're paying more attention to the sanitation process," he added.

Golden A recipients also get to display a sign in their business, indicating the accomplishment.

Top scorer in each category will be recognized at the Nov. 18 Board of Health meeting.

A listing of the top 10 in each category for fiscal year 2008-09 appears below:


Category 2:

KJM Outreach Center -- 99.75 (highest score)

Goldsboro Golf Course

Snack & Cue

Starbuck's Coffee Company, Wayne Memorial Dr.

Burger King, U.S. 117 South

Schlotzsky's Deli

All Stars Family Fun Center

Fast Eddies Sports Bar

Nahunta Store

Target Food Avenue

Category 3:

George's Grill -- 100 (highest score)

Goldsboro Municipal Golf Course

Grady's BBQ


Best Gas and Grill

Cherry Blossom

Eastern Region VR Food Service

Taqueria Zapopan

Steak Barn

Ya'lls Pizza and Pies, tied with Andy's of Mount Olive and Aggie's Steak and Subs

Category 4:

Fuji Steakhouse -- 99.6 (highest score)

Village Steakhouse and Pub

BJ Café

B & G Grill

Mae's Restaurant

The China House Restaurant

Royal Tea Room

Tiende Flores

Andy's, Spence Avenue


Food Stands

Category 2:

Domino's Pizza -- 100 (highest score)

Pretzel Twister

General Store

Gurley Store and Antiques

D & H Mart No. 1, S. George St.

Wal-Mart No. 4564 (Seafood), US 70 West

In and Out Convenience Store

Soft T Shop

Friendly Mart No. 8, US 13 South

Pizza Boy

Category 3:

Food Lion Deli No. 2530, Five Points Plaza -- 98.83 (highest score)

Food Lion Deli No.1692 NC 111 South

Creative Notions

Wal-Mart No. 1236 (Seafood), Spence Ave.

Food Lion Deli No. 544 Mount Olive

Wal-Mart No. 4564, US 70 West

Wal-Mart No.1236, Spence Ave.

Roseli Dudley

Carly C's IGA Fish Market

Food Lion Deli No. 2576 New Hope Rd.

Institutional Food Service

Woodard Care -- 99.25 (highest score)

The Pines

Re Nu Life Extended

Fremont Rest Center

Britthaven of LaGrange

Sterling House

Woodard Retirement Village

Sutton's Retirement Center

Brian Center

Britthaven of Goldsboro

School Lunchrooms

Category 3:

Meadow Lane School and Greenwood Middle School -- 100 (highest scores)

Faith Free Will Baptist

Rosewood High School

Rosewood Middle School

Dillard Middle School

Spring Creek Middle/High School

Southern Wayne High School

Goldsboro High School

Brogden Middle School

Category 4:

Spring Creek Elementary, North Drive Elementary and Northwest Elementary -- 100 (highest scores)

Rosewood Elementary

Carver Elementary

Eagle Café

School Street School

Eastern Wayne Elementary

Fremont School

Edgewood Community Developmental School