11/04/09 — Walnut Creek, Seven Springs, Eureka, sanitary districts also all hold elections

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Walnut Creek, Seven Springs, Eureka, sanitary districts also all hold elections

By Staff Reports
Published in News on November 4, 2009 1:46 PM

The citizens of the town of Seven Springs voted Tuesday to keep incumbent Stephen Potter in the mayor's office for another term.

Potter, who ran unopposed, received 13 votes in the municipal election. There were no write-in votes. He will serve a two-year term.

Lisa Cash and Karen Mozingo were both elected to the two open seats on the town of Seven Springs commissioners' board. Ms. Cash received 13 votes, and Mrs. Mozingo received 9. There was one write-in vote. They will serve four-year terms.

In the Village of Walnut Creek, incumbent Darrell Horne and newcomer Russell Prys were the winners of the two open commissioner seats with 60 and 49 votes respectively. There also were 23 write-ins. They will serve four-year terms.

In Eureka, voters had no candidates on the ballot, but wrote in 18 votes for mayor and 35 votes for two open commission seats. The winners, however, will not be known or announced until Nov. 10 when the county Board of Elections holds its canvass and write-in ballots are read and counted. They will serve four-year terms.

Also electing new representation were residents living in several Wayne County sanitary districts.

In the Belfast-Patetown Sanitary District, all the incumbents were re-elected to the five open seats. Joe Brown received 28 votes, Ben Casey Jr. received 32 votes, Landis H. Davis received 28 votes, Fred Newcomb received 27 votes and Ray Sullivan received 32 votes. There also were 7 write-ins

In the Eastern Wayne Sanitary District, Daryl R. Anderson received 79 votes, Brandon Gray received 79 votes, Kivett Ivey received 67 votes, Carl Mozingo received 65 votes, Billie V. Lee received 61 votes. All but Gray were incumbents. The sixth candidate for the five open seats was incumbent Walter Bean, who received 52 votes.

In the Fork Township Sanitary District, which featured three seats open, incumbent Henry Braswell received 69 votes, incumbent Donald Neal received 68 votes and challenger Wayne Alan Westbrook received 48 votes. Challenger Gary Holland lost with 22 votes and incumbent Dexter Taylor lost with 11 votes. There also were 4 write-ins.

In the Southeastern Wayne Sanitary District, all five incumbents won re-election -- Sam Casey with 25 votes, Charlie M.B. Holloway with 27 votes, Bobby Outlaw with 20 votes, Edith S. Smith with 18 votes and James A. Taylor with 21 votes.

And in the Southern Wayne Sanitary District both incumbents also won re-election -- Sally Rawls Bowles with 39 votes and Dale B. Gainey with 44 votes.

Terms for all sanitary districts are four years.