11/29/09 — Shoppers continue hunt for bargains

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Shoppers continue hunt for bargains

By Phyllis Moore
Published in News on November 29, 2009 1:50 AM

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Wendy Garner, left, and her mother, Yuzette Smith, shop for Christmas decorations in Michael's Saturday afternoon. Some of the shoppers out Saturday were continuing their Friday efforts, but many were simply taking advantage of the lighter crowds and still-good deals, having sat out the Black Friday madness.

Black Friday may have been the day for seasoned shoppers to camp outside awaiting early-morning bargains, but for many it was worth it to wait an extra day and take their chances.

Parking lots at the mall and other shopping areas remained packed throughout the day Saturday.

The reasons for hitting the stores varied -- some had braved the crowds Friday and decided to come back for more, while others had strategically avoided the first-round of shopping mayhem.

Susan Matthews was browsing at Rosewood Wal-Mart with her sister Linda Gibson, and 6-year-old daughter, Chloe Elysabeth Matthews, all of Farmville.

Ms. Gibson had to work Friday, so she had missed out on the Black Friday madness.

"I shopped a little bit (Friday) in Tarboro," Ms. Matthews said. "We were just in Goldsboro, somewhere different, and decided to come down here to see the new Wal-Mart."

They were mostly there to pick up Christmas ornaments, the siblings said.

"And Christmas presents," Chloe said with a smile, pointing to one with her name on it.

"I found something we didn't find in Greenville or Tarboro," Ms. Matthews said, reminding her daughter that the gift was to assist Santa in his shopping.

Chloe seemed pleased with the explanation, and was most willing to share what the coveted box contained.

"You get to make your own nail polish," she said.

A few aisles away, Valerie Raynor of Pikeville said that Saturday afternoon was a good time to shop for her husband, who was at home sleeping before he had to go to work.

She hadn't ventured out on Friday because she "can't stand crowds," she said.

"We found some good stuff, a few things," she said of the weekend trip. "Some things that I would have gone out and got, they still had today."

In Berkeley Mall, Ione Kuhns saw a "big difference" between Friday's crowd and the one a day later.

And she was in a good position to tell -- center court of the mall, at the gift wrapping booth to benefit WOOFF -- Welfare Of Our Furry Friends.

"It was a mediocre crowd" Saturday, she said. "It's been slow. Yesterday it was better. (Saturday) there's a lot of people just not doing anything."

Kathy Rector missed out on Friday's sales completely, traveling back to Goldsboro from Maryland.

She was at Sears on Saturday, looking for a coat, and had already been to Belk and TJ Maxx earlier in the day.

"We were out early enough, it wasn't bad. There was no way" she'd have braved the crowds on Friday, she said.

Saturday was soon enough for the holiday rush, Ms. Rector said.

"I picked up a few things. I have got some pretty deals today, for me -- Merry Christmas, Kathy!" she said with a laugh.

Lisa West of Kenansville was shopping in Cato with soon-to-be daughter-in-law Felicia Wagaman.

"There were too many people on Friday," said Felicia.

"It's not too crowded (Saturday)," said Ms. West. "We had to come get her something for church."

At Belk, Sydney Sinclair of Newton Grove said she "purposely stayed home Friday. I didn't feel like being in as much of the crowds. Today was a lot better, I think. ... You can still get some good sales."

And then there are the veteran shoppers like Ann Sims of Goldsboro, who can't enough of a good thing.

"I have been out since Thursday night around 10," she said.

In Virginia visiting her sister, she shopped all along the way home.

"I have been to Smithfield (Saturday) and back to Goldsboro but I have really, really found some bargains. And this is one thing I found right here in Goldsboro," she said, holding up a pair of corduroy pants she plans to give at Christmas.

"I love to shop. I didn't get out today until after 1 -- I couldn't move."

Michael's craft shop also drew a big turnout over the weekend.

Martha Smith of Goldsboro was making up for lost time, having had to work on Friday.

"I'm doing all mine today," she said. "It's less crowded. I know (Friday) night there was a lot of traffic. It's not as crowded today and the bargains are still out.

"Now I'm waiting for the ones to come out tomorrow (in the Sunday paper)."

For mother-to-be Sarah Rosario of Goldsboro -- her first child is due Tuesday -- it was just a leisurely trip to the store.

"I didn't want to deal with the traffic and all the people, the craziness, really," she said.

Saturday proved to be a calm diversion.

"It was just a relaxing shopping day. I just wanted to pick up some decorations," she said.