06/01/10 — Inquiry comes in meth lab blast

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Inquiry comes in meth lab blast

By Nick Hiltunen
Published in News on June 1, 2010 1:46 PM

Authorities are not ready to release the names of the suspects in a flash fire type explosion at an alleged meth lab near Cherry Hospital, the Wayne County Sheriff's Office methamphetamine specialist said late Monday.

Cpl. Chris Peedin, who heads up most methamphetamine-related investigations for the Sheriff's Office, said as many as five people might have been at the residence.

However, Peedin was not expecting to charge one resident, described as a victim in the case.

The Sheriff's Office responded to the 1300 block of Stevens Mill Road early on Sunday morning after receiving reports of a "loud explosion-type noise," at a single-wide trailer, Peedin said.

One male suspect reportedly ran from the explosion with burn marks on his skin. Authorities are still searching for him.

The corporal described the incident further.

"It's not an explosion like you and I would think, like things blowing up," Peedin said. "You know when you pour a bunch of gas or lighter fluid in your grill, and how it goes up real fast, it almost goes up like a flash fire -- that's what I'm thinking it may have been. I'm not 100 percent sure by any means."

The person that Peedin does not expect to charge is a woman who lived at the home.

"Her (female) roommate had just moved in there not too long ago," Peedin said, adding that investigation was still continuing.

In addition to the female roommate, as many as three other males might have had some involvement with the alleged meth lab, the corporal said.

Peedin said he has been trying to sort out good information from bad from people calling in with tips about the lab.

"Today's been full of a lot of different people telling me things and giving me a lot more information, and not I've got to try to see ... what's true," Peedin said.

Peedin said charges could be filed in the case as early as this afternoon.

"There are some good leads; there's actually some real good leads," Peedin said. "I saw one of my suspects was arrested today in another county for another meth lab, although I have to confirm that."

Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 731-1481, or the Crime Stoppers hotline at 735-2255.