06/06/10 — Pikeville police donate bikes to local children

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Pikeville police donate bikes to local children

By Laura Collins
Published in News on June 6, 2010 1:50 AM

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DeAnna Brantley shows Sgt. Eva Scott the bike she received through the Pikeville police bike donation program with her brother Jacob watching as he holds his donated bike. The police are donating bikes to children in their town who are in need of a good bicycle.

Pikeville police are trying to make sure children in town have a set of wheels this summer.

Police Chief Pascal Tucker said the police department is accepting donated bikes, in any condition.

"Even if the bikes aren't good to go, we can get them fixed," he said.

After fixing the bikes, officers plan to give them to children in town and also save some to give out at Christmas.

"I don't know a kid that doesn't love bikes. It's something simple. All they need is a helmet, and they can go," Tucker said.

So far the police department has received or purchased nearly 50 bikes.

"We don't have that many kids in town that need bikes, but we're going to reach out to the kids in surrounding areas," he said.

Interested parents can drop off their child's name at Pikeville City Hall. So far, the department has only given away three bikes, and hopes to give out more once they are repaired.

The inspiration behind the bike giveaway is two fold. For one, the officers said, the giveaway gives children in town a chance to get to know the police officers better.

"It gives kids a chance to interact with the police for a positive reason," Sg. Eva Scott said.

Tucker agreed.

"We're just trying to give back to the community and put some smiles on kid's faces," he said.

And parents are looking to save money where they can.

"With the economy, times are pretty tough. We're just trying to give back," Tucker said.

Two siblings, DeAnna Brantley, 11, and Jacob Brantley, 13, received the first two bikes. Their mother, Melissa Marsh, said it was a nice surprise.

"I thought it was really cool," she said. "Jacob said he met some guy and he can get a bike from him. And I was like, 'What are you talking about?' He said the police officer was there and she said he could get a bike."

Jacob had a bike before, but it was definitely time for a new one.

"It was ragged and broke down, and he was having to replace chains," Marsh said. "And it didn't have brakes."

DeAnna received her bike a week ago, a couple weeks after her brother.

"She was just as excited as Jacob was. She had a bike but it was messed up also," Ms. Marsh said.

"I like it, it's pretty cool and it's red," DeAnna said. "I thought it was pretty cool when I found out."