06/13/10 — Eagles fly from the nest into the adult world

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Eagles fly from the nest into the adult world

By Laura Collins
Published in News on June 13, 2010 1:50 AM

It was a sea of purple that flooded Rosewood High School football field Friday night as more than 120 students crossed over from high school seniors to graduates.

Principal Dean Sauls briefly spoke to the Class of 2010 before its members walked across the stage. He thanked them for a memorable first year as the Rosewood High School principal and recognized the class as achievers, with more than 37 honor graduates, more than 20 North Carolina scholars and more than 20 championship athletic teams over the four years.

"There is no way they will get lost in the moment," he said. "They have certainly lived life to the fullest."

Sauls also took the opportunity to award an honorary diploma to Cathy Best on behalf of himself and the graduating class. Best is retiring after 30 years of teaching.

Salutatorian Kailey Adams spoke to her classmates and also reflected on memories and looked forward to the future.

"For me, these past four years have flown by and I have enjoyed every second of them," she said, and later added, "Our Class of 2010 is a talented one, and as your fellow classmate I implore you to use those talents to help those around you. We are the next generation. Change will only come about if we make it. So use your gifts and help those who need it."

Valedict-orian Kylie Glisson also spoke to her classmates of memories and change, but also spoke of firsts.

"We will also be able to look back and say there is no doubt that our class is a class of firsts. We were the first to start a club just for school spirit, the first to have a pep rally before each home game, the first to drive a bus and park it on campus, the first to have a senior picnic where we cooked the food, the first to make it to the Eastern Regional series playoffs in baseball since 1978 and the first with the dreaded senior project," she said. "If we go out into the world and challenge ourselves to accept change and have the courage to face new obstacles there will be no stopping us."

After students walked across the stage to accept their diplomas, they threw their caps in the air and exited the football field to "Pomp and Circumstance." Parents and family were waiting with balloons, flowers and hugs for the new alumni.

"It's a beautiful sight," said Doricia Benton after her daughter, Victoria Benton, received her diploma. "She's kind of had a tough road this year. And then she moved to Rosewood and they've welcomed her with open arms. And that is something my husband and I will never forget. We have a lot of respect for the faculty."

Mrs. Benton said she sees the graduation as a new beginning for her daughter, who will play softball at Pitt Community College next year.