07/06/10 — Sheriff says local riders not part of 'outlaws'

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Sheriff says local riders not part of 'outlaws'

By Steve Herring
Published in News on July 6, 2010 1:46 PM

The local Ghost Riders motorcycle club is not one of the "one percent" of motorcycle groups considered to be outlaw biker gangs, Wayne County Sheriff Carey Winders said.

Winders made his comments last week after club members and other local motorcycle riders expressed concerns about a newspaper story regarding a law enforcement seminar taught on motorcycle gangs by an expert on the outlaw clubs.

In the story, one officer, in speaking about local motorcycle clubs, mentioned the Ghost Riders.

Winders said it is understandable why the Ghost Riders and other riders do not want to be associated with the outlaw clubs.

"They (Ghost Riders) have done some good work," the sheriff said. "I was at a toy run at a church they sponsored."

Winders said he wouldn't expect to see outlaw clubs like the Hell's Angels or Pagans at such worthwhile programs.

"I can't think of any trouble that we have had with the Ghost Riders," he said. "They are local riders."

Motorcycle clubs, including ones such as the Blue Knights, which is made up of law enforcement offices, have patches and ride with colors, he said. Winders said several local lawmen belong to the Blue Knights.

"The majority of motorcycle riders are good people," Winders said, adding that it was unfortunate that the actions of those in gangs linked to criminal activities give other riders a bad name.