08/24/10 — Laurean trial: Mary Lauterbach's statement

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Laurean trial: Mary Lauterbach's statement

By Kenneth Fine
Published in News on August 24, 2010 2:35 PM

'I would like to say what a sad and tragic day this is for my family. We will never again hear Maria laugh. We will never again see her smile. We will never again have Maria wake us up on Christmas morning. Our holidays will never be the same. Our lives will never be the same. We will never hold our grandson, Gabriel. You have taken him away from us. And Cesar, I would like you to look at your mother. My heart breaks for her. I can see the terrible pain in her face. I do hope your two beautiful sisters will bring her consolation. Your family, like my family, are innocent victims of your horrible decisions. I feel so sorry for your daughter. She will have to live with the shame of knowing that her father is in prison for murdering not one, but two people. Cesar, you have been given a wonderful gift of time. There are many people who will die this very day, people who would love to have the time God has given you. I hope you use it well. My daughter, Maria, loved her son and chose to give him life. She paid the ultimate price for choosing to give him life. Maria will always be my hero.'

-- Mary Lauterbach's statement before the sentencing portion of Cesar Laurean's trial.